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12 things you should never tell your 3rd trimester baby

The following sentences should never leave your mouth when you meet a pregnant mother over the end of a pregnancy!

Carefully approach a third trimester

1. Sleep for as long as you can!As if it were so easy to sleep a lot in the 3rd trimester of the abdominal cavity, not to mention the fact that I have to pee every 14 seconds.2. A twinkle and your baby is coming, you see!Yes, but pregnancy seems to be one month every day. So now that I am at week 37, I feel as if I am at least 21 months back.3. I had a very long / painful / difficult (etc.) birth!Well, this kid's gotta come out of me somehow, so he talks about the 92 ounces of butter, it's not gonna be any better for me.4. Are you planning a second baby already?The second one ?! I've never been born with this!5. Are you pregnant yet?Where do you come from? About duckweed? Or that I sweat like a lou? Do you think I'm as wide as a two-door wardrobe?6. For me, the baby came earlier than the time I hung out.Why are you carrying the honeysuckle? Why can ?! This is cruel!7. Boy or girl? (then when he got the answer: No problem, then the next…)First of all, you asked. Are you disappointed that I will be a second time? Luckily, I'm so full of thought! So, when we talk about this, don't forget to mention that we will try a third, too, for the son to be back! (No.)8. When I was 35. 37. 3X pregnant I simply didn't carry on.You better get out of my street and nobody will be guilty.9. Are you sure you are all?Well, no. It's actually two months back. Moment, I'm always throwing myself into the Danube.10. "Your pregnancy seemed to be so long" or "How fast did these 9 months have passed"I think I'm the one who's baby. I can assure you that whatever the length of your pregnancy seems to you, it is not in the immediate vicinity of what I feel.11. But zucchini looks great!Then why don't I feel a bit like that? Maybe because I know my ankles are bloated and full of acne? Or because I shaved my bikini line for the last month?12. Enjoy this time, fly away so fast!One day I will surely have one with you. But this day is not today! Yes, in a 3rd trimester, going to a little baby is hard to say that doesn't stick out. Probably the safest thing is to listen to it and say, "I totally understood."Related Articles:
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