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Such is the motherhood of the various lands of the world

CNN staffers have sent disposable photo machines to moms who don't have smartphones, and don't use social media to show their mother-in-law's photos on weekdays.

Such is the motherhood of the various lands of the world reviewed an article in that featured pictures of mothers who took photos on most weekdays in the most famous parts of the world (Iraq, Hong Kong or just Brazil). that mothers and children who don't live on Facebook, don't have internet requirements, don't post pictures of their weekdays live. "Are we going to show the story of women who do not have a smartphone, do not want to access the social media? were also hardships in the story: there was a camera that got stuck in the customs, some came back with poor quality pictures, but 19 moms still managed to get the story right. Kenyan mother's weekday is more like a European, but the pictures are much more similar than the outside. Photographs include very young and older mothers, single and multiple-generation families, one child, and some with eight children. There are some who work, others are home parents. The best thing about photons is that without all the maneuvers and filters, they show the currency that the picture makers wanted us to show. May you can see it alone in the pictures, not by chance: working as a household worker for 7 years, thus supporting your family. Or the Japanese single mother Aki Yanazwa, a member of the local council, is working to create more acceptable conditions for working mothers. JapŠ±nban.

Um Muhammas Alnawajaa, 40 years old, raises eight children in the West Bank (photo: CNN International)

You can view the photos and the related short descriptions here.
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