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Video - A mother's funny little experiment in the nursery

The following video is spread over the Internet. No wonder, because we all know the funny scene. How do you get out of the baby room when your baby is finally asleep? Check it out!

Caryn Morris's fugitive

"He's asleep! But how do I get out of the room so he doesn't wake up?" - you know the situation, too? That's why the video, which was shared by, is so funny.Tyrone йs Caryn Morris had a friendly dinner. For their 15-month-old baby boy, Brodybut slowly had to rest. His mother tried to lay him down, but every once in a while he walked over to the door, his little boy stood in the baby and expressed his dislike. Probably instead of going to bed. What does a distressed mother do in this case? Here's the video: And what does Dad, Tyrone, think about it? Well, he enjoys living in a house with cameras, so you can see how his wife, leopard thanks for knocking it out of the nursery. Is my mom well amused? "So I decided, sitting on the ground, waiting for Brody to fall asleep, seeing each other from there. I made it a little further. It didn't move any further.They may also be interested in: