Incredible recording: the baby's feet are out of the womb

This very rare phenomenon, created by magnetic resonance imaging below, is when the fetus developing in the womb breaks through the lining of the uterus.

Incredible recording

The visible two white arrows indicate the point where the mother méhfala cracked, and the big white spot is a protruding fetal envelopein which the twenty-seven-week-old baby's legs are well visible. Mother tells me there was no sign of the strange phenomenon. Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Boueta senior doctor at Angers University, a senior doctor at a publication in The New England Journal of Medicine, said he had never encountered a similar case in his career as a runner. only twenty-six similar casesso far. For mom, that's it sixth pregnancy was, all the previous parents had undergone a complete cesarean section, dr. Bouet this could also increase the risk of cracking. After the menopause and the discovery of a protruding fetus, physicians, of course, immediately exposed the parents to the potential risks of further cracking, koraszьlйst And any events that might come with it, and also drew attention to the bedding abnormality however, parents decided not to intervene and to continue their daily lives. By the thirtieth week, he had grown to within a half-inch of the crack, and finally, with a spatula, helped to shine a healthy, 1.38-pound boy.More articles in this topic:
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