5 Reasons Your Child Desires

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has discovered that today's American children take in 150 calories a day more than their peers in 1989.

Why are there more and more pregnant children?

Although the study is supposed to apply to American youth, its findings are probably true for Hungarian children as well. It takes 3500 calories to increase our body weight by about 40 decagrams (1 pound). An average American child nowadays carries so much extra calories that, in ten days, he will be 1 pound lighter than his comparable counterpart in 1989. This translates to an additional weight of 18 pounds (8 kg) per year.
Have the children become thirstier or the parents more lenient? Probably both, since it is not just the kids who eat much more. In 1971, an average American man consumed 2,450 calories a day and a woman consumed 1,542 calories. By 2000, however, the daily calorie intake of men increased to 2,618 (7%) and that of women to 1,877 calories. (This is an 18% increase, or 335 plus calories every day!) The real reason is that the foods Americans consume today are completely different from what they have consumed 20 to 30 years ago. :

1. Add extra calories to traditional dishes

Since the 1970s, the food industry replaces sugar with a cheaper substance, high fructose corn syrup. Nowadays, this compound can be found in almost all foods, including bread, ketchup, sauces, fruit juices and many more. As a result, the average American consumes 82 grams of added sugar each day, which is 317 grams of calories.

2. The "must-have" offers

It's hard to resist getting more than one thing on the same bar. Food manufacturers take advantage of this and encourage people to take extra calories with different types of promotions. The problem is with how we eat: we should look at how to bring in less calories, and if we were smart, fast food would count on us for a smaller portion.

3. Time bomb in the food

A generation ago, it was hard to come up with pre-cooked foods that stood on many shelves. From the 60's onwards, manufacturers and restaurants have favored the use of so-called transducers, which provide better shelf life. These transgenics, on the other hand, raise the level of "bad cholesterol" in the bloodwhile lowering "good cholesterol" levels and significantly increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

4. Let's drink more calories than ever

The University of North Carolina estimates that we "drink" 450 calories more than 30 years ago. This is an additional 23 pounds (10.5 kg) of weight per year that we have to carry or carry. The majority of these calories are also derived from the added sugars. Most fruits contain only water, colors and added sugars. Let's just keep going: read the drinks label!

5. We do not know what our lives contain

Manufacturers are refining our food with more and more ingredients, preservatives, fats and sugars. Most of the time we do not know what we eat, let alone the restaurants where they do not even mention what the food in front of us contains. So, unless you get it straight from the guy, we have no idea what's in that mouth-watering meal.
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