Disney is also taking action against the abortion bill

The US state of Georgia has caused a major storm of abortion because it will be "difficult to continue" Disney movie filming in the state, the BBC's chief executive said.

"Many people who work on our productions don't want to rotate in our country. We have to take their needs into consideration," said Bob Iger.
Significant tax breaks attract a lot of big productions to Georgia, including the Black Panther and Revenge: Catching blockbuster hits.Disney is also taking action against the abortion bill Georgia's Republican governor, Brian Kemp, wrote a so-called "heartbeat" in May, which only allows for termination after the sixth week of pregnancy if the mother's life is at risk. The Law of Georgia has caused an uproar in Hollywood. Netflix's streaming service said it was "rethinking" the work that was planned for the state. to countries that are safer for women. "
Kristen Wiig, born, producer, confirmed to CNN that her new movie was being filmed elsewhere. Amazon's new production, The Power, is no longer looking for locations in Georgia.Jason Bateman, a two-time Georgian series, Ozark and The Outsider, told The Hollywood Reporter: "I'm not going to do anything in Georgia "We are now looking very closely at the situation. I don't see why we should continue working here," said Bob Iger. in their productions, attracted up to 30 percent by a tax rebate.
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