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Fruit juices: What does the profession recommend?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies should not be offered a baby at all, and that it is good to introduce little children to it as well. He didn't even pay attention to the dose.

Don't give them more than a glass of fruit juice a day

During the age of one year, it is not recommended to consume boxed fruit juices, even if the child thinks that the fruit is healthy, and if it is good for your baby, it will do him good. It's not like that. Beyond the age of one, don't give a little more juice to your baby than a glass of wine a day, and there are some fun drinks - Pediatrics recommends. Kids love fruit juices because they are delicious and sweet. Only the the fruit content of the others is still close to 50%, but it is full of sugar and excess calories, which can easily lead to childhood obesity. In addition, fruit juice will fill children 's stomachs, and as a result, they will eat less or no food at all. High-sugar and high-carbohydrate fruit juices also help tooth decay.If you give your baby a can of fruit juice, it's not like giving her a healthy, fresh, real fruit. It has no role to play in balanced nutrition - say the experts. Many fruits in infants and young children can cause diarrhea, abdominal discomfort and bloating. If your larger child is suffering from diarrhea and is at risk of dehydration, it is not advisable to consume the fruit, and instead drink water with a sip. Then when and how much fruit juice can a child drink? Here is the latest professional recommendation:0-6 months: in general, no fruit is recommended. At the age of 6-12 months: you should also avoid boxed fruit juices. Instead, add fresh fruit in a pressed letter or a dry fruit tip at the start of feeding. The fruit is a leaf never pour it into her pacifier, cannabis or cups a little. If you suck the fruit juice out of a baby bottle, it can lead to easy tooth decay due to the sugar in the fruit, which will remain very much in the mouth after the suckling.Ages 1-3: it is better to give the fresh fruit leaf to your baby. If you decide to use boxed fruit, choose from 100% fruit juice and give it just one glass a day. If you dilute the fruit juice with water, the risk of tooth decay is still the same.For ages 4-6: Consumption of 1-2 dl cans of fruit is permissible as recommended by experts.7-18 years old: Consumption of 2-3 dl cans of fruit is permissible as recommended by experts. Related Articles:
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