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Trauma hits the baby

According to a study published by the American Psychological Society, infants and young children can suffer from severe mental trauma and, due to their low cost of treatment, can have some serious consequences over time.

As Joy D. Osofsky, a researcher at the University of Louisiana and Alicia F. Liebermann at the University of California, explained in their study in the American Psychologist Journal, one of the reasons in age, children still do not feel the traumas they suffer and forget about what has happened to them.
For example, many people rely on this to leave children with long-term, parenting goals, or to kick-start-and-chase, "to learn who is to be welcomed and to behave badly." The scope of punishment is wide, not just action, but the consequent disregard of a child's needs, verbal punishment, humiliation. the world that you may feel in the midst of feeling desolate, hopeless, so apathetic, depressed or retarded. While public awareness of adult deviance behavioral explanations included "difficult childhood", "it is worth it", few people think what a thin baby can feel when they are not neglected or unintentionally. the time devoted to "going to bed alone" or sleeping.

Trauma can kill the baby

Unfortunately, statistics show that most punishments are targeted at the smallest and most serviceable, under-age, and can have a long-lasting effect. A study by Osofsky and Lieberman quotes data from 2008 and 2010, which shows that children who died due to punishment and neglect were nearly eighty-five under the they really have to turn to, and these treatments are not even funded by health insurance. In the light of the data, the researchers consider the importance of mental screening of children, training of appropriate professionals, education of parents, caregivers, and health safety.
Possibility for baby consultation
The basic is the baby consultant
Йva Hederverri-Heller: Consultation and therapy for the infant. Animula Edition, 2008.
Behavioral disorders in infants and young children

A young married couple, on the recommendation of a pediatrician, seeks help because of the frequent and prolonged need of three months old, late-born children. For parents, it is a special burden for their little ones not to sleep during the day and to be depressed, anxious or anxious. The whole family appears at first meeting both physically and mentally exhausted ... The one-child family comes to the suggestion of a pediatric clinic due to the sleepiness of their seven-month-old baby. The parents arrive at their first meeting outside, outside. The reason for this is that they are both lost: they have lived in the city for many years, but they do not really know their surroundings. Based on the following, this first scene well reflects the family's emotional state. Their complaint is that the baby is not asleep at night from the age of six weeks, and he appears to be a lot of sleep-deprived ...
Gbor is six days old when his parents visit me. Behaviors are restrained, seemingly ambivalent to the handler. But the boy is obviously in serious trouble. He went through numerous medical examinations, but his eating disorders did not change, in fact. A baby born spontaneously and with normal weight, from the very first moment, is breastfeeding hard and little, apparently sleeps a lot, and grows very slowly. Never indicates he is hungry. At three months of age, the eating disorder has been accompanied by further symptoms: at present, after all meals, they fail and began to refuse food…
The 26-year-old mother, with her two-year-old baby girl, was sent by a parenting advisor. The baby's behavior is very pronounced: he does not accept, does not accept boundaries, is inattentive, his playfulness is superfluous, he is unable to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time and to dwell on it. Excited, it's dangerous to go out on the town with her because she's running off her bike. Also aggressive towards other children. The mother is not afraid of her, "she is upset." The pediatrician believes Paula is hyperactive, but her parenting counselor has a psychiatric cause behind the disorder…
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