Would you drive your child?

An increasingly popular line among American mothers is a children's drawstring for children with a small backpack. There are some who swear by it, while others are heavily armed. Would you date your child?

New York-born mother and family therapist Kristen Howerton gives special security gyermekpуrбzra He looks at blessed. "When I first saw the device, I thought it was a joke. Then I quickly changed my mind when I was vaccinated with my sister in Seattle. "My sister told me to try the dust." Kristen also experienced people's depressed glances. More and more comments have been made on why she puts a girl on a mate, like a puppy.

It gives security

With the use of childbirth, the nuns in Kristen's mouth were stronger than the malicious remarks. "My girl He is free and guided on the street, but I knew where you were coming from and that there was security, which was a fantastic sensation, "she says.
Child psychologist Tina Bryson generally does not care for parents who put their children on the pill. In your experience, these parents are much calmer, less worried about the baby being in trouble as we can keep an eye on the little ones.

Would you drive your child?

Kristen's husband was preceded by a car in his childhood, which is why a mother with such a child sees a very useful helpdesk on the childrens pad. "The overwhelming majority of people when it comes to first having a child, prohibiting, restricting little movement on the device at all. But in parks, when playing it is never useful, I have to attach it to the top. it is much safer to get along with it. A busy street in the middle or at airports is unable to keep an eye on the child and is driven by curiosity and is very crowded they can easily disappear"says Kristen.

The kids are very different

But Lauren Jimeson, a parent of two little kids in California, says there is no good reason to limit children's mobility. "I remember how embarrassed I was when I first met a little baby on the street in a pile of dirt. Then I vowed that I will not limit my own with any device"Parents who get their kids dusted should think they've solved everything, because kids have a blindfold, but it gives them all false security." The solution might be to pay more attention to the children, "says Lauren.
Tina Bryson has a different opinion. "Children are very different. If a parent has no experience with really agile children, he or she cannot accept or understand the benefits of using the polish," says the psychologist.

The idea is even stronger

Kristen hopes that parents will sooner or later abandon their ideas and accept that others have different parenting methods, because there are family members who have a very practical solution to having a baby baby.
THE also appeared in domestic baby shops the tool baby shackle nйven. Its use has not become more widespread. Opinions, however, are shared with us about childrens mating: there are those who think it is nonsense to use it, because children should not be restricted in their movement, and there are some who think it is a good idea. As American psychologists have added, children have very different habits. For the more agile and voluptuous of the little ones, the use of a fence can do good. In spite of your preconceptions, we may soon be increasingly using this device for the safety of our children.
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