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Diaper challenge is spreading across the net

The "dirty diaper challenge", called "dirty diaper challenge", which has just crossed over from America (where did it come from), has recently infiltrated our country and is popping up in more and more places.

Diaper challenge is spreading across the netSzabina Tabpa handball, whose then-born second child, Milla, was finally pregnant at a baby-friendly party organized by a friend and had to face the shocking task of eating diapers. After the first shock and some misplaced, fallen lights, he finally managed to pass the probe. "There was no evil in Azer! But it was very funny!" Szabina wrote on her Instagram post. On the morning show, led by Sebestyin Balazs, Rabdiy also entertained the audience with a similarly "ghastly" challenge. They differed in the variety of chocolates they used to lubricate the pelus, and they competed with their host companions (János Vadon and Ferenc Rácczi) to find out what brand they are. Known from the Múnika show, Múnika Erdélyi and her little girl Molli also performed a dirty diaper challenge on a Youtube channel.
What do you think about roula? Would you go to such a challenge at a baby doll party?