Generalized allergy, anaphylactic shock

Anaphylactic shock is a dangerous generalized allergic seizure that can unfortunately be fatal.

Fortunately, rarely can we exclude some meals and small children from allergies included in the consumption of certain meals, especially those mentioned in the Nutrition Allergies, which contain small amounts of seeds.
The more common causes of anaphylactic shock are drugs to which the child is sensitive, regardless of whether the drug is oral or injected, and insomnia. In particular, beetroot can be dangerous in this respect. Mosquitoes have never caused a life-threatening condition, at most an unpleasant itchy, allergic swelling. not enough blood in the brain, the blood pressure drops in seconds. The skin becomes purplish due to poor oxygen supply to the mouth. Swelling of the face may occur and the sound may become hoarse due to the swelling of the face. Choke may also cause drowning due to swelling of the audio tapes. Anaphylactic shock can eventually lead to loss of consciousness, and can lead to cessation of breathing and heartburn.

Anaphylactic shock is very dangerous and can be fatal.

The first step is to lay the shocked child down and raise the toe to get as much blood as possible to the brain. Immediately call the rescuers and tell them that high anaphylactic shock is required. If breathing stops, it should be orally resuscitated. If the child does not have a heart rate, a chest massage should be performed across the chest.
You must first enter your life saving or injection to prevent life-threatening conditions. For those who have been through anaphylactic shock, it is essential to obtain the medication that can be obtained from a pharmacy with the permission of the Ministry of Health. Even small children can be taught how to give themselves an injection because they can't see it. The injection container is pressed against the thigh and a small automatic mechanism pushes the needle into the skin.
At the onset of the initial symptoms, there is still hope that no shock condition will develop, but you will still need to be notified first.
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