The sun is up! (X)

The sun is up! (X)

Prevention of angina pectoris, or prevention of infant vitamin D deficiency in Hungary.

In recent years, due to environmental / climatic changes, the protection of babies from direct sunlight has become even more pronounced. Due to the use of early and cumulative UV radiation reduction procedures and the use of waxing creams, the guarantee of infant vitamin D supplementation is even more important. Special attention also needs to be given to the guaranteed intake of vitamin D due to the well-known vitamin D requirement of higher skin pigmented races (Asian, African…).
  • maternal vitamin D stores
  • the amount of vitamin D found in the baby's diet
  • amount of sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) on the baby
  • the skin of the baby.
Vitamin D intake of 200-800E a day is needed daily for prevention of infantile rickets, as well as in our country. The individual need for vitamin D cannot be clarified without laboratory tests. Since many decades of experience with the safety of vitamin D administration in the above dose range have not led to any doubts, it is unreasonable and harmful to conduct a single vitamin D examination in healthy infants.
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For many decades, prevention of rickets in Hungary is easy, effective, unambiguous, effective, and reliable for parents and health care providers.
One of the important tools of effective prevention is the simplicity of the tool used. Today, in Hungary, the most common form is the drops, but also vitamin D tablets. Similarly to the textbooks of the past three decades, the most recent pediatric textbooks (Marudi, бva Йva) contain a suggestion of "one drop of vitamin D3 every day". The data currently required in the Act, which also required a change in the dosage regimen, did not reflect the need for a change of professional guidance, so no reason should be given for this.
Finally, it is reasonable for the physician to recommend the lowest cost solution to the patient or caregiver. Currently, in Hungary, the most effective form of vitamin D conversion on infant rhinitis prophylaxis is currently available, based on the pharmaceutical prescription laws in the country.
Dr. Miklós Szabу PhD
Semmelweis University, Hungary children's Clinic