Do your granny's methods really help you? 2 soups and 1 tea against ntha

Antibiotics are not a substitute, but when you are not in need of a medication, it is best to use a fine meal to support your body's own resistance.

Thyme tomato soup

THE thyme tomato soup also effective in case of cough. Throw a decoction of thyme in hot water, let it stand under cover for a few minutes. Strain, cool to warm, stir in a teaspoon of honey and twice as much tomato puree, lightly simmer. hot soup it really does do good in the event of a burn. Substances released from the flesh during cooking stimulate the action of certain defense cells and inhibit inflammation of the throat and nose.
All this is not true of cube or powder soup, it boils genuine pieces of chicken. More than usual red onions (three or more whole heads) can be included, cooked juice csillapнtja cough, solve the flies.
In one liter of water, cook one thumb gyцmbйrt for ten minutes, then drop a mark on the hot flour borsmentбt йs hбrsfavirбgot, a pinch of crazy fahйjat, under cover, let it cool warm. Fuck it, squeeze it all over lemons, and exceptionally fresh mйzzel.Related articles in this article:
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