Two months after the mother's brain death, a child was born

After 55 days of maternal brain death, the baby was conceived at birth in a womb at 27 weeks of gestation, and the baby has a chance of developing normal FM.

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The cases listed in Wroclaw dйlnyugat-lengyelorszбgi egyedьlбllуnak szбmнt Lengyelorszбgban the rбdiуnak nyilatkozу doctors elmondtбk According tudomбsuk kьlfцldцn elхfordultak such cases, however, the anyбk terhessйg jбrtak much elхrehaladottabb бllapotбban when bekцvetkezett nбluk agyhalбl.A the baby's brain tumor, Wroclaw бllapнtottбk at the szenvedх йdesanyjбnбl januбrban agyhalбlt. At that time, the 17th week of pregnancy continued to pound on her heart. Doctors have decided to try to keep the mother's body functioning so that the baby can continue to develop in the womb until the 26th week of pregnancy to save the baby. For the mother was almost completely excluded from her body.
Pregnancy maintenance included intensive therapy of the mother's organs, which made it difficult to maintain the necessary levels of hormonal and sugar levels and prevent infections. The baby, who had been given lung developmental aids between the 22nd week, was finally born with a trimming, weighing 1,000 grams, and resting for more than a month.
The son given to the father last week is currently eating more than 3 kilograms of baby bottle. According to doctors, with proper physiotherapy there is a chance of normal development.