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Three Thousand Birthday Shops Returned Hope To Sick Baby Boy

The mother wanted to give her baby one birthday gift: hope.

Three thousand birthday greetings for baby boy struggling with a rare diseaseRhys Williams with a rare disease called it epidermolysis in bulls (EB) struggle. Your skin is extremely dewy, with the slightest touch of painful blisters, wounds on the skin that are very painful.The disease has so many problems that the baby boy has just a few months ago
Because of his illness, the little boy is too far away because he can barely move. His fingers were numb, his pain could only be relieved by a continuous dose of morphine. Rhys his disease is fatal and incurable. Doctors have advised that at least early in her financial years, the baby boy will die. But he had struggled so far, but lost hope and lust a few months ago. She says she's tired of life. But her mother, Tanya, was determined to show her little boy that there are many who are dealing with him. That's why he asked people on Facebook to send birthday greetings to Rhys. The baby boy received more than three thousand postcards from all over the world. The post office was delivering her with a special van. Rhys's face smiled again. A friend of the boy helps to unzip the letters, and he reads them and watches them for a long time. The mother says she can't tell people how sorry she is for the boy. If anyone wants, she can send a letter to Rhys Williams at the following address: 40 Whalley Avenue, Bolton, BL1 5UD.