How to make the divorce easier Work and breastfeeding

A mother's job brings many changes, but these are not necessarily bad. Breastfeeding does not usually have to be stopped, and even after returning home, it helps to spend time outdoors.

What about work and breastfeeding?

Kйrdйs: During my pregnancy, I decided that I would breastfeed my baby as long as I wanted. Fortunately, so far it was successful, there was no problem with breastfeeding, paladin she is now fourteen days old, still quite often during the day, and breastfeeding several times twice at night. In the meantime, it was like this that after a few months (both for financial reasons and because of a very attractive foreign quote) I would go back to work and my son would stay home with our little boy. I just don't know what to do. My little boy loves to fuck and I really like to breastfeed and I don't want to quit, but I don't know what it will be like for mom to be there for so many months when she wants to breastfeed and suddenly disappear all day long. Levente is cumming, does not suck on his fingers, and has no favorite plush to calm himself down if he had a problem, he only calmed down while breastfeeding.So I would ask that based on his experience so far how much this situation can disturb his mental peaceand, according to you, is it possible to continue breastfeeding after a full day's work. Can I still do something this month to make it easier for her (or rather me?) To get divorced?
K.M.Answer by Renata W. Ungvberry IBCLC for Breastfeeding: Dear M! As a general rule, we are much more worried about the possible outcome of things than would be justified. This is also true for getting to work. Of course, it would be a lie to say that nothing will change in the world, because that is not true. There are many things that will change if the mother disappears from family life in the sun. There is no doubt that you will have less time for housekeeping, cooking, playing with your baby boy, hanging out, spending less time off, relaxing, and of course, your baby. It is also a must that 24 more people need to get into it than they need to, and they need to mobilize all the movable space in their brain to list the increased tasks, things to think about when they come first. no reason to go for it! They will come! Life goes on, and while home is going to be a nice little thing, but this is not necessarily bad, it's just another. For example, Levent is very pleased to have a lot to do with his father this time. They are just as important in a child's life as a mother, and they will both be tremendous and rewarding for the many times they spend together. These roles are sometimes very useful and provide a lot of learning. What is it like to be home all day? What to cook, to chill, to diaper, to cover ruins, to play with a playful little child, to shake a bed of foul-lung disease, to comfort a sick little patient, to comfort a baby? As much as you sound like it, you hear the heart. Leventine and Father you have your own common book for everyday lifethat will be different than before, but no worse! Just be sure your dad will have the right way to reassure him, even if he's not cold, but in a day or two, sure! also in order to get really organized inside, and to understand what is really nice and important. So far, I have not given birth to breastfeeding, and the reason is that it will be the least of my problems and I will have to change a lot. Continue to breastfeed exactly as before. You don't have to get Leventé accustomed to anything, there is no need to forcefully reduce the number of breastfeeding, unless he initiates this himself. So tomorrow is a big time for a kid of this size, you may want to breastfeed less often by the time you start working, or you may want to suck it the same number.Wake up, suck it, and then suck it up every time you go home. It may be easy for him to bite at night what he had to miss during the day, and this will be freaking out for you. At the same time, however, he will spend his time sensing that he can only assure Leventine what he needs to see. It is possible that during the first few weeks, you might want to make the day so that your husband will take Levent once to suckle, of course, only if work and distance allow. It might also be worth choosing the apartment so that it is close to the workplace, and that shouldn't be a problem. However, if this is something that cannot be redeemed, you do not have to worry about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding helps soothe Levente, the change supervisor will mean stability for him, and contributes overall to making changes easier and more confident. In such a situation, only one mistake can be made: if we divorce the child by reference to work. This is completely unnecessary because you are taking away without a child something that such a change may require much more. the symptoms of filling up. Perhaps there will be an empty room or washroom for this purpose, where you can retire quarterly. Put the skimmed milk in the refrigerator and take it home to Levent's Day. If you keep dropping that amount, your breasts will adapt to a longer daytime with great currency And for more frequent nighttime exercise. If you tend to get milk flowing spontaneously, you should always switch to a top bra. The firm palm pressure on the nipple can stop the milking reflex. The dark, like clothes are less likely to be spotted with milk, and a pretty salt can also be useful in the shelf. Another topic is how one wears them all. Easily telling me not to worry, everything will be fine as I did not believe it myself, and for months now my girl was due to start working fourteen days ago, and He reacted sensitively to the tension in me. I tried very hard not to feel much about it, but I am afraid I have not been able to shake my doubts. Only time has come: months have passed, years have passed, and my baby has always sucked, and even the tension has been greatly reduced, just as I have been able to relax and be connected. apjбval. Lastly, she sucked the longest, three and a half years with my baby. So just up your head and trust yourself, your couple, and most of all Levente. Here you can ask for breastfeeding advice!