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Maternal mortality is decreasing

Maternal mortality rates drop worldwide: Since 1990, the index has dropped by 45 percent, according to the latest World Health Organization (WHO) statistics.

The data provide new evidence of causes of mortality and death during childbirth. According to WHO experts, tragedies could be prevented, and there is a greater need to develop maternity care.1990 half a million women died during pregnancy or childbirth, but by 2013 that number had fallen to 289,000. However, the World Health Organization thinks that this data is always too high because URBAN means 33 maternal deaths in the world. There are huge gaps between the more affluent and the poorer countries. A 15-year-old girl in Black Africa has a one in forty chance of dying or being pregnant, while one in Europe has one in three thousand.

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WHO research has shown that there is a need for larger health investments in developing countries. At the same time, health professionals are calling attention to the fact that in some of the newer countries, such as the United States, maternal mortality increases. More than a quarter of maternal deaths are caused by a pre-existing health problem that pregnancy outcomes can cause - for example, diabetes, HIV infection, malaria or obesity.