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If you become friends with your mother, you should remain open after your birth

Our motherhood habits are also changing. It is not so easy to schedule dates, and spontaneous programs can never fail. Some friends end up being prudent, others do not. But what about the power of baby-friendly friends?

Motherhood is a new way of life compared to the previous ones, and as we know one element of the system changes, the rules of the former system are not valid any more. Friendships - old and newer - are transformed, because at first there are not many connection points at first. But if the friend still gave me this today, a different lifestyle can bring some tension to the relationship. Of course, only in relationships where the parties completely subordinate themselves to the circumstances and do nothing to preserve friendships.

Openness is important!

Geist Klbra According to a psychologist, all friends need new conditions, and if left unchecked, they can easily flatten. "Women's friendships are mostly about sharing feelings, and if they feel one-sided not just tell the little onebecause our childless friends are hardly long overdue for parenting requests. If you do not want to get lost in your friendship, do not be afraid to let them know that, in spite of fatigue and time, relationship is important to us. Let's challenge them for everything that plays an important role in their lives, so we can prevent unnecessary sensation because friends often wear out because one side doesn't find its place in the other life!"

So versus currency

Much depends on how a childless friend relates to a child and how his or her friend survives the big change in life. In particular, this conflict can be caused if they are looking for this life, but for something (yet) unpredictable.

Whether friendship remains after childbirth is up to you

Mariann for example, he talks about the hardships they faced when he became a mother, his old girlfriend, Niki but he just wanted to be like, "Our baby was born into a wild house, but we were really looking forward to it. She planned to have a beautiful wedding after the wedding, and she couldn't do anything about destiny. She became pregnant once, but unfortunately, the baby died. I wasn't a breastfeeding mother yet. days ago, I kept on the phone with it. More and less of the news given about ourselves, we have not seen him for half a year. I wonder. "From Mariann's point of view, it turns out that Negative Feelings Becoming Friendships also Make Relationships More Difficult. According to our expert, these relationships can be restored if we make it clear to our friends that we will continue to represent a stable point in our lives, and we will do anything! However, we should not give up the horizontal, it is important to be able to talk about our senses, not to suppress them. In all cases, the cost is the number, which also means the acceptance of the changed living conditions.

Your request for organization

It's normal for a human being to give birth to a childlike acquaintance after childbirth; "I accepted that my fast working day-to-day friends had less time for us and that we were talking to friends with children," he says. Paulamother of two toddlers. - But I also find that the parent companies are relatively closed. I worked almost all the way through my first pregnancy, and when we started to play around the age of one, I thought that to meet old friends who have known me for about thirty or thirty years. With Nimi we can bring a dinner or a movie once a month. "

What can you do about the relationship?

- Everyone will accept if you can't call or call right away, but respond to calls and emails within a couple of days!
- Don't expect others to always look for you, sometimes take the initiator!
- Reveal your closest friends with some great baby photos from time to time. You can't go unresponsive to these ... - If your child allows it, sometimes break out for a friendly night out! Communication is so much more oiled than having to pick up the yarn again after years.
- Are you alone? Join a warm, welcoming community. Visit several baby-mama clubs and playhouses, and there are sure to be some moms to share experiences with!Also read these:
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