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Maternity Support 2016

Maternity support is a one-time, non-insured benefit. A parent who has taken part in at least four times during her pregnancy, and at least once during her pregnancy, can take care of her.

It is important to say that maternity support is good even if the baby is stillborn.

Who is entitled to maternity support?

If a woman who is eligible for support dies before her maternity leave, then maternity support is for the father of a parent living in the household;
It is also a matter of fact that a mother who is entitled to maternity without maternity is allowed to do so for six months after the birth, and if she or she is entitled to maternity leave.

Providing maternity support

When it comes to maternity, you have to pay close attention to staying on the border because it can be easy for someone who postpones the application for so long. The claim for care is because it must be delivered within six months of the baby's birth, unfortunately, support is not available for failure to meet the deadline. The claim can be downloaded from the National Insurance Directorate's website.

Maternity support is for you!

The claim must be attached - according to the given situation and situation:

  • A certificate issued by a pregnant nurse or physician stating that a woman is having a baby in the appropriate number of times required by the rules and guidelines took part in the pregnancy care. If the mother can credibly prove that she has been in contact with the mother for at least five months during the pregnancy, she does not need to attach a certificate to the pregnant nurse.
  • Document required for personal identification (ID card, legal card, possibly passport).
  • Foreign Citizens Valid Immigration, Residence, Other, Eligible Residence, EU Blue Card.
  • In the case of a stillborn child, a copy of the document certifying the fact of stillbirth.
  • Upon adoption, a copy of the final decision authorizing the adoption shall be given.
  • Guardianship of the Judicial Order ordering the decree.
  • If the mother died before receiving support, the mother's copy of the mother's death certificate will appear.
  • The idea of ​​a parental withdrawal statement to consent to the child's adoption.
  • The parental responsibility decision to terminate the fraudulent child care provision resulting in the eviction of the family.

  • The completed and signed form must be filed with the Central and County Government Office of the place of residence, place of residence, the Office of the Office of the State and the District kormбnyablaknбl maternity support must be provided.
    When working at maternity support workplace kifizetхhely, the request must be submitted there. The request may be submitted personally or by post.
    The request for maternity support is requested by the claiming body from the day following that on which the request is made. eight days to work it out, if you qualify, you will pay for maternity support or transfer it to the claimant on a voucher.

    Amount of maternity support in 2016

    The amount of support - per child In 2016, it was $ 64,125 (the same as in 2015), and for twins, it is $ 25 (this is not twice the amount for a single child).
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