Maternity SupportRules, Requirements, and Support Amounts for 2018

Maternity support is good for every new mother if she meets a few requirements. Let's see what the 2018 rules are, how to claim the amount, and exactly how much support you need!

Maternity support

What is Maternity Support?

Maternity support is one one-off benefits for children, which you can request within six months of your baby's birth.

Who Can Get Maternity Support?

Support is granted to a foreign mother who is legally resident in Hungary or in Hungary and who has participated in pregnancy care at least four times during her pregnancy. If the baby is premature, a confirmation of the occasion is sufficient. The parent receives the benefit even if the baby was stillborn. If the mother dies, support can be claimed by the father or the person caring for the child. follow within six months - be cared for.You can receive maternity support for a non-Hungarian, foreign born Hungarian citizen's mother or child, and if you have a Hungarian certificate.

When is maternity support not coming?

According to the rules, there is no maternity support for a parent who gives birth to a child or if the baby is excluded from the family on the basis of a decision on parental responsibility. However, if the marriage consent is withdrawn by the parents, or if the custody is terminated and the child has not completed the semester, the benefit may also be claimed.

What is the total amount of maternity support?

Maternity support is based on the smallest amount of the old-age pension, which since 2007 is 28,500 HUF. One child followed this with 225%, that is $ 64,125, and for twins the baby gets 300% or 85,500 forints (so for three twins 3x85,500 = 256,500 forwards).

Where can I get maternity support?

A claim form for a "Maternity Support Claim" is required. Filled form with your you can submit it personally or by post to your local government office, your local government office, your local government office, or your workplace if you are working for a social security payer. If you have As a goalkeeper with registration, you can also apply for it electronically via the Hungarian State Treasury's Portal. It is very important to pay attention to the border, please submit your request before the baby is six months old!

What documents do I need to submit to claim maternity support?

You must enclose with the form a copy of the following documents: - one of the identification documents (identity card, identity card, certificate, etc.),
- foreigners' residence permit in Hungary (eg immigration or resettlement permit, EU Blue Card), - Hungarian passport,
- Certification of the Breastfeeding, the Breastfeeding or the Breastfeeding (if the mother has been pregnant for at least five months during pregnancy)
- if the fetus was stillbirth, the document certifying it,
- if the mother died, the death certificate,
- the adoption of the adoption of the approval of the adoption of the adoption of the adoption of the adoption,
- the withdrawal of the declaration of acceptance or the decision to terminate the proceedings on parental responsibility.

How do you get maternity support?

The competent Legal Office or the Metropolitan or County Government Office will settle the maternity claim within eight days of its arrival. If you have submitted the documents at your workplace, the three working days will forward the documents to the appropriate Maritime Office. Legitimate Fraudulent Benefit will be transferred to the Retirement Administration by voucher (by mail) or bank account number.