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That's why diarrhea is more common in baby babies

Breast milk during the first few months of a child's best diet is not a problem. Dozens of researchers are examining the composition of this special "beverage" to better understand the effect of their small bowels on their baby.

That's why diarrhea is more common in baby babies

It is hoped that the results can also benefit puppy babies. In spite of her exuberant intentions, the mother may not breast-feed her infant yet. Although over the last few decades, nutritional supplements have undergone tremendous improvements, and researchers have made every effort to make the formula more like milk of course there are differences - perhaps not to mention that breast milk is a good thing.In children fed with formula - under one year - more frequent diarrheaas in the case of their mothers.

Special ъtravalу

At baby's age, they receive a special tip from their baby mother: useful bacteriathat are found in the gastrointestinal tract, in the gut flora, protect the body from the mucous membranes, and help refresh the body's defense system. These beneficial bacteria - probiotics - they also help to break down breast milk. Breast milk is like that prebiotics containing foods that are beneficial for bacteria. Due to prebiotics, probiotics multiply more, so they can "work" more effectively. Taking antibiotics, using diets, and increasing the number of David Kyle researcher who presented the results of his work at the Probiota Conference in Amsterdam. The specialist talked about the total loss of the healthy microbiota, which could be the result of Western lifestyle and medical practice. At the same time, he acknowledged that medical interventions are often necessary, but the high number of cesarean sections or the use of antibiotics not always justified.

It's a good system

In any case, the consensus is that nutritional formulas can be they have to best compare to breast milk. Although manufacturers do everything they can, it does not succeed. It is a well-known fact that babies fed breast milk have a much lower incidence of diarrhea or other digestive disorders than food supplements. it favors the right bacteria over the rest, creating the microbiota that characterizes healthy breastfed babies. Nutritional babies are not involved in this support, and their microflora is much more similar to that of adults.

Reveal in full

Numerous experts research the composition of breast milk and its effect on children bйlflуrбjбra. They also say that they try to restore the balance that has been broken for some reason with probiotics. According to David Kyle, a major breakthrough in this field can be expected if the mechanism behind the backbone is fully explored. However, when developing formulas, care is taken to ensure that products contain the appropriate prebiotics. Naturally, the goal is to make infant formulas more like breast milk so that the baby's nutrition in healthy babies can develop healthily, and it also helps to cure diarrhea.
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