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It doesn't make breast milk smarter

No one doubts the wondrous effects of breast milk, but a new study says it does not affect intelligence to the extent it was previously believed.

Breastfeeding and breast milk do not have the same effect on neurocognitive abilities as previously believed; In the PROBIT (Promotion of Breastfeeding Intervention Trial) study, newborns were randomly assigned to two groups. Exceptional and long-term breastfeeding (eg with more frequent pediatric visits) was promoted for families in one group and the "traditional" principles were followed in the other group. Children were also tested at age 6 and up and found that breast-fed children had higher IQs.There is no effect on intelligence about nutrition New research, however, looked at children at the age of 16, and there was no difference in the intellectual abilities of the members of the two groups. The only area in which breastfeeding children achieved better results was verbal function, but the difference was not remarkable in this case either. The researchers highlighted that the results of other studies may not always be considered accurate because the data collection was not as rigorously controlled as in the case of PROBIT - that is, there are other important factors besides breastfeeding (eg). how the kids performed on the intelligence tests. Of course, breastfeeding has many benefits: it has a beneficial effect on the immune system and also reduces the risk of certain diseases. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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