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New Discovery: Breast milk knows this too

Thanks to the fun effects of breast milk, we could make rumblings, and we are doing it now, because of the light of another wonderful effect.

Breast milk knows that too

Breast milk contains breast milk sugars, or human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in short, which the baby's digestive system is unable to use directly, and the mother's body invests a lot of energy in it. However, they are not accidentally included in breast milk.

The bacteria must be, "no" to the baby

Although milk sugars cannot be directly utilized by the baby's body, healthy bacteria, which are found in the small digestive system, do. These bacteria B. infantisThey call these complex dietary carbohydrates. The researchers found that the mother's body wastes so much energy in the production of HMOs that it can infant infant, yo bacterial flurab and the many health benefits that come from it, make a difference to the life before it. HMO-fed B. infantis bacteria accelerate the baby's life. immune system, reduce inflammation and help with digestion. In addition mйrsйklik the potenciбlisan kбros baktйriumok elszaporodбsбt in the intestines, which the csecsemхkori kуlika (gцrcsцs abdominal fбjdalom) and jelentkezх of childhood asthma, allergiбk, cukorbetegsйg йs elhнzбs kialakulбsбhoz tбrsнtanak.Ezek breast milk talбlhatу "baktйrium tбplбlйkok" bнrnak a great jelentхsйggel to the mother their organization primarily produces them. Unfortunately, however, modern "tools" in medicine, such as antibiotics, cesarean section, or nutritional supplements, although they save many lives, have been shown to reduce the number of B.infantis bacteria in the baby's intestinal tract.

Not all baci, bad

Good bacteria, such as B. infantis, contribute to the health of the baby and even have a demonstrable effect on the state of health throughout life. Therefore, it is important to take the significance of the above mentioned results seriously, and to re-evaluate the direct relationship between germs, breastfeeding and the health of the child.The source of the article can be found here. More Articles on Breast Milk:
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