Fotу proves how wonderful breast milk is

Breast milk is indeed a real liquid gold. This photo recently published in the media is sure to impress you.

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Two types of milk

Here, a mother-in-law posted the following picture of two bags of skimmed breast milk, which differed slightly: even though one was slightly white in color, the other was completely white. And what's interesting in that? That they both come from the same mother.The mother (Chelsea Pryce) shared this photo with the following text: Many people question how a mother can produce perfectly personalized breast milk when she breastfeeds more than one child ... "Osiris (2 years) was just sick, Hendrix (3 days) but acorns. I breastfeed them every day to keep the smaller one from getting infected. Osiris' skim milk can be seen on the left and Hendixé's on the right. My breasts produced the most nutritious milk for my children's needs during this period. Our bodies are really wonderful, "Chelsea Pryce said.

Chelsea Pryce has two types of milk

This is not the first time we have seen something like this. In the past, another mother shared a similar picture in the media - when her baby became ill, she noticed that her breasts began to produce colostrum-like breast milk. The baby's thyroid glands are able to convey the message that he is sick, sensed by the mother's body, and adjusts the composition of the milk to the needs of the child. This was the case with Pryce ... the difference is that she just started milking other ingredients in one breast so that she could feed the sick baby properly. what the mother eats. In this case, however, it is only obvious that the components of breast milk can be varied so that they always meet the needs of the baby. And this is simply fantastic.Related Articles:
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