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Lifetime protection can provide the baby with breast milk

Breast milk can provide a life-long protection for a child, according to a study conducted by an international team of mice led by University of Birmingham experts.

Lifetime protection can provide the baby with breast milkSo far, the general trade-off is that transferring immunity to diseases through breastfeeding provides only protection during breastfeeding, and when breastfeeding is complete, the defense is complete. Experts have believed that immunity is involved in the child's body by neutralizing antibodies that play a role in mother's whites, bacteria, and viruses. However, in their study, Sciences Advances, the transmission of immunity is a long-term one,, Йs vйdelmet the immune cells бtadбsa biztosнtja fully fьggetlenьl the antitestektхl.Egйrkнsйrleteikben it talбltбk that breast milk tбplбlt egйrkцlyцk, whose mother suffered from vemhessйg elхtt fйregfertхzйsben, egйsz йletйre vйdett this was fertхzйstхl.Rбadбsul this hatбs kerьlt posts by these people lйvх the cells in breast milk This study has shown that if the mother becomes infectious globally prior to pregnancy, her infant can be immunized by being immunized through prolonged breastfeeding. from mother to child through breastfeeding very much an important source of protection against infections in infancy. First, it has been shown that pre-pregnancy infections can give the child a lifelong cellular immunity. This adds a new dimension to the understanding of how the mother can affect our health, "she said. William Horsnell, a researcher at the University of Birmingham's Institute of Microbiology. It can lead to the development of new types of vaccines that, when given to the mother, allow the transmission of long-term immunity to the child, "he quoted. Adam Cunningham Professor of Communication.
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