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The breastfeeding mother's diet

Breastfeeding is by all means the best baby for breastfeeding, so while breastfeeding, breastfeeding is recommended, but the baby is definitely recommended by the age of 6 months.

Breast milk termelхdйsйt, optimбlis цsszetйtelйt and the parent egйszsйgйnek megуvбsбt, megfelelх tбpanyag befolyбsolja high-ellбtottsбgбt mйrtйkben the szoptatу mother йletmуdja in tбplбlkozбsa.Ez idх tehбt elsхdleges baby megfelelх tбplбlбsa breast, the mother amelynйl correctly цsszeбllнtott йtrendje meghatбrozу. It is not appropriate for the mother to encourage the release of excess weight during breastfeeding and to initiate breastfeeding. An average of 850 ml of breast milk a day requires the same amount of excess fluids and 20-25 percent more energy. The latter means that the average mother of the mother is about. 500 kcal of energy is recommended to consume more The most important ingredients of milk (white, milk sugar, fat, calcium) are less influenced by the mother's diet, however, if these ingredients are deficient in the nutrition of the mother, so will the diet. It affects all other nutrients in breast milk, especially the quality of fatty acids, vitamins A, B2, B12, C, biotin, folic acid, grams per day. Lack of vitamins and minerals also significantly increases the need (40-50 percent). This includes vitamins A, D, B2, B6, C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, yodine and zinc. The diet is basically adjusted according to the recommendations of a healthy diet, with regular meals 4-5 times a day be varied and balanced.

The healthy diet

The backbone of the diet cereal crops and products thereof - between them are also full grain cereals - as well as Vegetables, Cookies, and Fruits alkotjбk. It is complete with lean meat, meat, fish and milk and dairy products. All of these need to be consumed daily in different proportions. Oilseeds, eggs are included in the healthy diet, but not daily, but weekly.

Eat lots of green fruits and fruits!

The daily requirement of 1.5 to 2 liters is covered with tap water, soft water, various teas, high fruit content. It is advisable to limit your intake by using a lot of green juice per liter of brewing and using high-density foods, or cooking at abnormally low quantities. skimmed milk or the equivalent of kefir, yoghurt, lean cheese, curd cheese, or the like. THE flesh and flesh should also be included 1-2 times a day in their diets, always with lower fat variations. It is recommended to consume fresh or mirelite grass regularly several times a day. The same applies to fruits, which can be seasonal or algae, citrus. kenyйrfйlйk kцzьl nagyobbrйszt йs vitamins, бsvбnyi materials richer йlelmi fiber, total хrlйsы lisztbхl kйszьlt lignite or korpбs bread, bread dъsнtott cores ajбnlott beйpнteni the йtrendbe.Az йtelkйszнtйshez nцvйnyi oils (napraforgу-, olнva-, canola oil), and fхleg nцvйnyi kenyйrkenйshez eredetы margarine or rarely butter or butter cream were recommended. It is advisable to use less fat and more sophisticated techniques when cooking. For a variety of reasons, it is recommended to eat foods cooked in generous oil and eat them at most every two weeks, especially if not prepared at home. Do not consume sweets and desserts more often 1-2 times a week, and in between, lower fat, "more valuable" variants (eg, dry rye, pancakes, fruit rice, pudding, muesli).

What do we have?

During breastfeeding higher energy and nutrient requirementsIt is advisable to supplement the balanced diet with lean poultry, sea fish (cod, tuna, herring, anchovy, cod), milk, lingonberry, salmon, milk , our live color (red, yellow, green) with fresh green fruits, whole-grain cereals (eg oatmeal, whole-grain flour, bread), oatmeal, oil It is also recommended to cover higher fluid requirements primarily with water, milk, milk drinks, milkshakes, high-fruit juice, decaffeinated fruit juice.

Ready to go

Preparing meals from carefully selected raw materials is as accurate as possible, plant fats with addition (eg steam cooking, steaming, special coating in stainless steel cookware, teflon dish, aluminum foil, grill bag, grill, microwave oven). The йtelek prуbбljon the korбbban megszokottnбl less konyhasуt also tovбbbra нzesнtйsйhez hasznбlni.Ajбnlatos the zцldsйgfйlйk, gyьmцlcsцk нzesнtх hatбsбval and kьlцnbцzх enyhйbb zцld- йlni йs szбraz fыszernцvйnyek gave lehetхsйgekkel that szйles kцrыen vбltozatosan felhasznбlhatуak (petrezselyemzцld, zellerzцld, dill, citromfы, borsikafы йs , basil, thyme, coriander, anise, rosemary, tarragon, nutmeg).

She doesn't like baby

It is advisable to skip meals that the baby does not taste after breastfeeding, or if possible change their diet. Due to the releasing of herbs' substances into breast milk, it is primarily the high taste, high content of essential oils that can cause problems, such as garlic, cinnamon, pepper, spicy peppers, salsas, peppermint, and peppermint. 1 percent, 0.25 percent of alcohol gets into breast milk. Up to a day, you can consume a weak stone or a glass of beer or wine. A breastfeeding mother should monitor gyуgyszerek because their active ingredients may be excreted in breast milk. Therefore, the medicinal product should be taken by a nursing mother only under medical supervision or under medical supervision. Numerous food ingredients can be sensitive to the baby, if it is light, then foods containing such substances should be omitted from the diet (cabbage, cocoa powder, chocolate, strawberry, slush, soma).Related Articles:
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