It turned out that I was pregnant and then gave birth 16 minutes later

Mom said Charlie had to give birth, but they didn't even realize she was pregnant.

It turned out that I was pregnant and then gave birth 16 minutes later

In most cases, it is a time full of excitement when it comes to planning a birth, going to a baby training course, and hardly ever having to wait for the big day to come to an end. With a child KristyThis was also the case with the first three children born at St. John's Subiaco Hospital by her doctor. But, surprisingly, the fourth child was a bit crazy. A year ago, an Austrian mother woke up one morning with a very severe stomachache, but admitted it was menstrual cramps.

She had no idea she was pregnant

"That was the last thing we thought, because my son fell into vasectomy 8 years ago," Kristy told Kidspot.com.au online. According to her, she has not experienced any signs of pregnancy in the last 9 months, and even recently has lost weight. As most moms, Kristy has not given birth to a little pain and three children (Lambell, they set off for soccer marking. But as I found myself, more and more serious pain began to win. "I remember thinking that I must have a blindfold," he says. "In half, because my mother was there, I asked her to take her to the hospital because I don't feel well. In the meantime, I called my brother, so he walked over to the hospital." However, neither the children nor they expected the greatest surprise of their lives to come to them.

The shock came

"We rushed to the emergency and everyone just asked me I'm not pregnant, and we can't say no!"The doctor, on the other hand, was shocked when the opposite clearly came to light. It seemed clear to Kristy that, although she was pregnant with the youngest child, her husband, ray he made himself. "Spontaneous recanalization occurred"The surprised mother says." It took two doctors to reassure my brother, who thought I was cheating. " As the family tried to process the shock, the doctors - because they did not know exactly what stage the baby was in - decided to send her to King Edward's hospital. that I had to press, so they were immediately pushed to the birth room. Practically 16 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, my son was born. It was exactly 3 kilos. "Of course, Kristy was terribly worried about the baby's health." I was very worried about what if she had something wrong Charliefor. At that time, I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and since I was probably pregnant at Christmas and New Year's Eve, I was drinking alcohol, "the shocked mother told Kidspot." First, I didn't want to grab it. I thought if I didn't grab it, it wouldn't be all right, but my baby put my baby on my chest and at that moment I fell in love. "They spent one night in the hospital. for children. Charlie is cheerful, healthy she grew up with a four-year-old grandfather.

But how could all this have happened?

"Because of the location of the hiding place, I didn't feel the fetal movements. If I ever experienced anything strange, I could tell it to the winds," says Kristy. "Thinking back then, I often had constipation and I wanted a lot of fried chicken meat, but all I could suspect was that.Further articles in parenting: