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No press, no coming!

Moms keep their kids' metabolism in mind, and if they miss one day, they remember; the second one is already staring at the belly; on the third, plum jam and the pediatrician's phone number.

No press, no coming!

Changing Kakis pelas, dressing up a party, buttocks butt is not a pleasant thing, the baby is worried: your child works. Quickly tease: two to three weeks a week if the little one is okay, does not complain, does not bloat very much, has no heartburn, and thrives; and if the bulge is not particularly difficult, it is painful. The constipation is different it's just a symptom, which has only been a minority of cases of disease.

Infant or toddler?

The causes and treatment modalities of constipation differed with age. For example, a baby about one to seven weeks old will only consume breast milk, which is almost completely absorbed, with little to no waste material. So, for about every five days, a cat may be normal if you feel good, grow, and have no other symptoms. In the first month of life, however Multiple daily drought with typical nursing children. If it weren't the case, cases such as these would in most cases be malnutrition, less often an anatomical cause, a developmental disorder that needs to be treated. Nutritional babies, when it is difficult and rare to have a cat, can have a diet change, but if there is no other complaint, it is worth worrying about. .Two-three years of age may also include the poop dacossбgand may also disturb the cleanliness of the room. Excessive exertion, the fear of being stuck, can lead to discouragement, which in due course is less easily reversed.

Think what you eat!

This is the most important! Are you getting enough fiber? Are you drinking enough? It is often enough to sell more fruits, cereals mixed with fresh fruit, probiotic yoghurt, wholemeal flour, and pastry. Forget sugary, dry snacks, such as breadcrumbs, biscuits, cakes. You can also use Neapolitan practices, such as additive-free, high-fruit and low-sugar jams, prunes. Be sure to pay attention to sufficient fluids! Mix it several times with water, unsweetened tea, steamed pulverized fruit juice.Helpful Hints
- Parents should consult a physician if they are unable to achieve a change within a few months with the tricks listed, or if they experience other symptoms such as severe puffiness, insufficient weight gain can also be experienced - advises dr. Micskey Йva, gastroenterologist chief of the Children's Hospital of Buda.It is very important that the situation is carefully handled when the child has a hard time, because we only increase anxiety through forcing, painful intervention. Try to behave naturally, don't make it a problem right from the first symptoms, don't let the big question in the family become the central concern. If you have bad habits, it can take you years to change. You can count that your doctor's first questions will be about exercise, exercise. So be honest and don't stop yourself from changing!Before you see a doctor, try these out!Elsхsorban
- Eat richer foods, more fruits, wholemeal flour, cereal flakes!
- Stop dry foods, chocolates and other sugary foods!
- More fluids - but avoid fruit juices made with added sugars!
- Move up! Exercise at least two hours of active daily exercise. Play, hang out in a park, wobble, or better in the apartment with a baby tub.In an exceptional case
- Give the little one two teaspoons of "slippery substance" - flavored paraffin oil, that is, oil to make it easier to slice. Paraffin oil does not absorb, relieve stool loss, and does not break the end of the mucous membrane.
- Glycerine Image - Occasionally you can use it at home in case of need, but don't have a system in it! - Give me a small check - you can get a baby ball in a pharmacy called this. Carefully handle this at most a few times.Kуrhбzban
- The problem may worsen, and most often, the environmental condition will develop if after a few days of inactivity, the stomach is considered to be severe and thus painful. After that, the child keeps something in mind again and again - says dr. Levente Karsa, Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Children's Surgery, Heim Pál Children's Hospital. This is because, as time passes, the stool is more and more dripping, its weight is increasing, the child is unable to print it. In the end, the area around it may burst and a drip may occur. In the end, the persistent problem may permanently fray or break. It is better to protect your child from unavoidable interventions that are unavoidable at this time, so try to deal with the problem first.

He didn't make a fuss about it

Andris hasn't used a diaper for years. He hadn't been peeing again for the next few days. I was very crazy because the skin inflammation under the diaper had disappeared. But there was another one: a stiff start to a four-day vacation. We thought we couldn't put it in time for the car when it was born. At home, I tried the usual ones: plums, melons, peaches. Three days and nothing. We were very worried, only a few of them were born with a lot of crap, a lot of laughter, crap. For a week, she only ate fruit, pops, she always sucked ten times a day, we moved around a lot, I massaged my belly, but it just got worse. One morning, when my tummy was full, I injected more than the minimum (baby) dose of the recommended laxative. She became very rough with diarrhea almost immediately. As it went on, everything started again. At that time we were trying psychological methods. We plasticized, sanded, poached our babies and small animals. He could come in with me when I went to the supermarket. We'll see how the crumb dog is. Finally, the solution was to spend a few days after the awakening in Duluth (this is the most peaceful period) for our party, to tell, to play. On the first three days I gave him a picture for sure, and then the picture disappeared, and the bilin remained patiently alive. Probably the problem was that he didn't feel like quitting the game the pleasure of bilize
Black Alexandra, Mother of Panka (5) and Andris (1,5)