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Abdominal muscle loss after childbirth - What can you do about it?

More than half of the moms struggle with it, and it is almost unfortunate after twin pregnancies, while few know that tummy bumps that continue for months after birth are the result of the loss of straight abdominal muscles. Here's what you need to know about this event.

Abdominal muscle loss after childbirth - What can you do about it?

Unfortunately, it is still rare today to prepare young babies to lose their stomach during pregnancy. Most people become aware of the problem several months after childbirth, when, despite all their efforts, they are still "pregnant," and they turn to a well-trained health practitioner or search the Internet. in turn slipping the abdominal muscles is not only an aesthetic problem: due to improper posture longitudinal backache, spinal problem, incontinence, hernia - explains Dr. Lévay Bernadett, plastic wound of the Ruzhakert Medical Center.

What is the Lumbar Abdominal Muscle?

As the baby grows in the tummy, the straight abdominal muscles running in the middle of the abdomen move to the side. This is completely normal, says Dr. Lévay Bernadett. After childbirth, as the body regenerates, the muscles regain center. However, it often happens that the tapes open too much, may break, or even break the conclusion. Greater relaxation can be caused by weight, twin pregnancy, weak muscles, or ligament, but also by lifting an extremely heavy object - warns the doctor, who says in practice, 8 to 10 fingers was the largest piece to hit.

This is how you examine your abdominal muscles

You can easily test it at homehow open your stomach is. To do this, lie on your back, lift your toe. Take a big breath and do a tummy tuck, lift your head and shoulders and support your nape with one hand. Insert the fingers of your other hand into your belly. You can also feel the length of the lacerations and measure the width: the number of fingers lacing your straight abdominal muscles. If your fingertips are wider, you should contact a specialist.

What Can You Do Against Losing Abdominal Muscle?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to know in advance who will have the abdominal muscles. If you are loose, you are looking for a big doll or twins for your body, then you can count on the problem. Prevention can be helped a bit by performing specific abdominal muscle strengthening exercises before and during pregnancy, gaining proper posture, and lifting heavy objects. Among these, we present two easy-to-reach options.

LoveYourBelly - Tranny developed for regenerating stomach muscle

The LoveYourBelly method is specifically designed for the treatment of a stomach muscle Bagyinka Tnmea a recreational specialist who has been dealing with this topic since 2004. There are many courses in the country and even abroad, where you have to attend once and then practice at home. The method is also supported by studies on how to start LoveYourBelly training at 6 weeks after vaginal delivery and 10 weeks after cesarean delivery - explains Rabtai Bernadett LoveYourBelly-educator, who is a mother of two, and in Budapest, XIV., XV. and XVI. courses in districts. - There are three aspects of trening, and more. In the first part, the condition of the abdominal muscles is assessed, followed by theoretical and anatomical education. We will also show you the correct posture and breathing techniques. We then recommend tailor-made exercises that participants will try out. The course ends with a brief Nutrition Advice. For your home exercise, we'll include a little booklet containing the most important information and sample assignments. The exercises are based on the Pilates and Yoga elements, but only those that can be performed safely with stomach muscles. In Ur we will also show you what exercises should not be done - emphasizes the instructor. every second woman here the problem. The condition of the majority is moderate, with an average of three to four fingers on the exercise, usually one year after birth. Rarely do men come to the course, as not only can they get tired of complaining, but also lifting a strenuous object, such as lifting a heavy object, can cause the abdominal muscles to dissolve.

Come on, Mom! - online gymnastics for flat hashtags

If you want to exercise at home, next to your child, but regularly, almost "in the community", let's go Mom! you also find the urine to help close the stomach muscles during your virtual training sessions. Domokos Flurra, Come on, Mom! trainer, one of the developers of SURP. Flurra also has two young children, so she knows the phenomenon well. The instructor warns you: if you have 4 fingers or more between your abdominal muscles, you should consult a physiotherapist before embarking on the program. Anyone else can start the SURP, which is from Pilates, FlatCore (Yoga for the Stomach) and Form Gym. Exercises developed for the dead abdominal muscles bring the gray abdominal muscles to a ton, so that they can reinforce the straight abdominal muscles in place. Because of the interplay between the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the abdomen, attention should also be paid to strengthening the abdomen! you can apply online, then you can access our Baby Mom for a limited time! videos on your website and more. The program also has a special closed Facebook group where you can ask for advice from coaches or other mothers. , but they can't quite figure it out, so you have to deal with it anyway. They also warn you that "traditional" abdominal muscle-strengthening movements (abdominal, leg lifting) in this state are more valuable than useful!

The reconstruction of the abdominal wall

You still have a chance to get your stomach back in shape: your workout.- During stomach reconstruction, we stitch the straight abdominal muscles together to eliminate the problem, he says. Dr. Lévay Bernadett plastic surgery. The most effective way to get an intervention is after you have achieved and maintained your desired body weight after childbirth. It is worth waiting for breastfeeding to end, and also to keep in mind that you will have to starve for a few weeks after surgery, so if there is one who can help care for your baby.
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