13 Timely Parenting Councils

Mothers often receive the least number of up-to-date tips from the older generation. For the sake of completeness, we have collected the most well-known remarks.

13 Timely Parenting Councils

Myth 1: Infants should be bathed daily

The truth is: Since babies do not sweat or get dirty during the day, it is therefore sufficient to bathe them every two or three days (except, of course, if the pelvis explodes and the baby becomes a poop). If this is part of your evening routine, so is the daily bathing - just keep your skin hydrated.

Myth 2: Babies sleep much better in a fully invigorated, quiet room

The truth is: While this may be true for some poorly-sleeping babies, other babies sleep well with background noise and daylight. In addition, if your child is used to some basic noise, it will be much easier to fall asleep under almost any condition.

Myth 3: If your child has a high fever, lubricate your body with alcohol - this will help lower your body temperature check

The truth is: This myth is more widespread abroad but has no basis. It is also dangerous because alcohol is absorbed through the skin and is very dry.

Myth 4: If the baby is left balanced in our lives,

The truth is: This is not going to make you happy. At this age, babies will begin to experience the weight of their feet and the equilibrium will develop rapidly. If you put a little cow in your body, you can not only have a great time showering, but you can help your development as well.

Myth 5: If you listen to classical music with your child, you will have a higher IQ

The truth is: Music can enrich the lives of young children, but no research has so far clearly confirmed that classical music would significantly increase the capacity of the small brain.

Myth 6: Let the baby sing! If you pick it up every time you spit, you are guaranteed to enjoy it

The truth is: Babies less than 4 months old are known to have very few soothing methods. They suck and enjoy being sucked in by suckling, but that's all that matters. Adding them every time they cry helps them learn that when they are in trouble, they can count on us.

Myth 7: Wake up the baby at night to replace the pisi pelus

The truth is: Today's diapers have such a good moisturizing ability that you can safely let your baby sleep at night, even in a wet pelus. But so is the situation with the lull. If you do not replace the kakis diaper for a long time, it can also cause infections of the vagina and bladder, especially in infants. So if you're sniffing big stuff, clean the baby as soon as possible.

Myth 8: Child should not be vaccinated if it is cold or has a high temperature

The truth is: A milder disease does not weaken the baby's immune response to the vaccine, nor does it increase the risk of violent reactions.

Mint 9: It is forbidden to smear the baby under the sun at 6 months

The truth is: The risk that your child gets skin from UV radiation is much higher than the risk of having an allergic reaction to the sun. It is best not to go out in the sunshine between 10 and 5 in the sun, but be sure to lubricate with at least 30 SPFs when staying outdoors. Experts say it's okay to apply a minimal amount on their faces and hands as well.

Myth 10: In the first month of a baby's life, it is very important to sterilize all the pacifiers and pacifiers of the baby

The truth is: When using a baby bottle or soother for the first time and removing it from the packaging, it is important to sterilize it, but only afterwards wash it in a mild soapy warm water (or dishwasher). Babies will find much more bacillus than the amount of cumin that is flushed on the baby's bottle or water.

Myth 11: The safest way to anesthetize a newborn baby

The truth is: It is safest to anesthetize in the back. Doctors thought that laying on their belly or side could prevent the baby from drowning if he fell. However, according to recent research, the risk of infant mortality is greater if the child is asleep.

Myth 12: It is important to breastfeed strictly in accordance with the Urb

The truth is: According to the latest scientific literature, it is much better to feed our baby as needed. If you are strictly breast cancer, you negatively influence your baby's innate eating habits, which can lead to even less obesity.

Myth 13: Babies need hard-soled shoes that hold and protect their sensitive little feet

The truth is: Until the baby is gone, the use of traditional shoes is not recommended. Inside the dwelling should be more naked, and in cold weather maximum socks should be added to allow the foot and ankle muscles to develop properly. If you are looking for shoes, the soft-soled, lace-up leather shoe may be the right choice for you at this age.
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