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Thoughts for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is not just about moms, but about all the female characters in the family tree. Every mother in the past, in the present, and in the future. Motherhood and its celebration are dry.

There is nothing more wonderful about motherhood

On Mother's Day, I used to think not only of my grandmother and grandmother, but also of my dadam, whom I have only vague memories of, but I know that he was able to shed a divine butterfly on my younger child, who was 12 years old and all my ascendants who have brought me something that makes me feel like I am now. In fact, if I go any further, all the female characters who have added something to my personality. Which is why I now raise my children the way I do: with love, acceptance, respect, and tolerance. How much good was your hands in work exhausted? How many tanners could they say, though sometimes hell hell? How much comfort and support could your children have that they often did not receive? Where did you have so much spiritual power, so much love, and warmth?
I think we are all there. In every mother. Somehow, the common aura, the common female destiny, the common love button, and whatever the circumstances, we can always give to our children. Sometimes you feel like this is not what you give your child. Mardos is remorseful that you can't be with him as much as you want. I'm sure our mothers often feel the same way. That they don't give you enough time, attention, hesitation.
If you feel that way, you can't afford it, believe me, you're not alone. But always try to ensure that what you give comes from honest and pure heart. When you can be with your child, it should only be born.
Each age has its own set of hardships, our modern rush to the world, as well as the war and revolutionary era. But believe me, in spite of all the circumstances, you will pass on to your children a great deal of love that they will pass on to their own children.
Your maternal imprint will live on.
Erika Hanula Attila's mother would have liked to leave the washed clothes and play with her son, but she couldn't. By this time, he had become a sentient adult.Also worth reading:
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