Most mothers are aware of how much good a probiotic is

The majority of mothers regularly give probiotic benefits to their children, and they are also aware of the importance of prebiotics, according to our (unrepresentative) home research, which we conducted with our visitors.

There are billions of good bacteria in our body: probiotics. They support the processing of nutrients, strengthen the immune system and even produce vitamins. These small bacteria have a its nutrients are prebiotics, which are indestructible to us. Of these, about one-third of those who filled in the queue had never heard of it and did not think it was important to be able to find it in probiotic formulations.

Some people are filling out the petition

Our answers were exclusively women - this is just a coincidence, since anyone could naturally answer the questions. The fхvбrosiak the megyeszйkhelyen or county jogъ vбrosban lakуk the mбs vбrosokban йlхk йs the kцzsйgek nйpessйgйt gyarapнtуk talбlhatуak at almost egyenlх arбnyban kцzцttьk.Ami regards the йletkort, tцbbsйgьk - kцrьlbelьl third of 35 -31 йs йv kцzцtti, mбsodik legnйpesebb the age group of 26 and It turned out to be -30 years old. About 15 percent are between the ages of 36-40, some are over the age of 41-45, and over the age of 45, while few are more than half of the respondents - these two groups cover approximately ninety percent. Out of the remaining ten, the gates are certified in vocational training, and those who complete up to eight basic school grades share two to one third. Some of our fills have no children. Almost half of children are 18 months old, 22 percent are up to half a year, 19 percent are 6-12 months old, and only 13 percent are between one and another year.

Pregnant babies take probiotic supplements only a second way

Exactly a quarter of her answers took a probiotic medication during her pregnancy, she found. During the szoptatбs ennйl fewer people used these agents - but only as a tцbb vбlaszolуk hйt szбzalйka.Gyermekьknek the kйrdхнv kitцltхi kцzьl legtцbben yourself, you have already given probiotics: almost hбromnegyedьk antibiotic kezelйsek idejйn йs it in kцvetхen and hasmenйs йs utбn.Egyetlen szьlх csemetйje fejfбjбsбn йs бlmatlansбgбn prуbбl нgy segнteni, mнg vбlaszadуk quarter of the probiotic kйszнtmйnyt not give any gyermekйnek.A by kйrdйsekre felelх anyбk zцme (64 szбzalйk) szьksйg, йvente tцbbszцr also hasznбlja this kйszнtmйnyeket szervezetйnek megerхsнtйsйre children, and nйhбnyan йvente once or kйtszer, kъraszerыen.

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The excess - 76 percent - assumes that probiotics may need to be repeatedly used in nutritional babies in order for their microbiota to function properly and to help strengthen the immune system. In contrast, 24 percent of respondents say that infants do not need probiotics.70 percent prefer probiotic formulations containing more than one bacterial strain, while only 6 percent prefer one. According to 25 numbers, there is no difference between the two, that is, they are treated in the same way. About 66 percent of prebiotic responses have been heard. According to the same number of mothers, it is important to include prebiotics in probiotic products. According to one answer, this is irrelevant, even though one-third of the fillers do not matter.Related materials:
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