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Is it all in one?

Mothers pay special attention to the development of their children: they compare them with their early ages, question their opinions, and study developmental tables.

This helps if you show what the majority of children at a given age know and what the 95 percent of the children can do up to a certain age - the so-called developmental morphs. It is worth noting that our children are in a particular area - that is to say, in a delicate way - out of the multitude. It is imperative that you consult a physician if you do not bring this discomfort to the age when 95 percent of children have mastered the skill.

It's all in one

THE developmental decision areas of motion (large movements and fine motor activities), a talking and social behavior. In some areas, the "knowledge" of people of the same age may be very different. Two-year-olds are characterized by purposeful running, avoiding obstacles, secure standing, fine, organized work of fingers (like swinging), writing two-word sentences, even for a while. Developmental disorders can be caused by hereditary factors, health problems during pregnancy, childbirth, a series of conditions, a retarded environment, and a combination of many or more factors.
Pay close attention if one or more of the risk factors are present, or if you have jumped a step in the development of a small child.
If you experience a lack of competence, think of what can cause the following in addition to those listed above: Persistent background noise (transient, transient, music), disability frequent change of bisexual, troubled family relationships)?
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