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Baby Baby: I was prepared for the worst! (X) Kinga tırténete

My mom came to fight me, so those gills get up, and the skin on my stomach breaks out. My sister has sacredly told me that the goldsmith will not hurt either, and she has struggled with healing and hell, especially with the twins.

And as I was expecting these frames with my two babies in my tummy, I was prepared for everything: , I had two liters of fluid a day, and I also enrolled in an intimate gym. For the sixth month, everything went smoothly, but then the skin on my stomach cracked, because my bodies were suddenly swollen in and out of my stomach.
Then the chain reaction started: I had to lie more and more, I could not control my weight so effectively (I started snacking, confessing frankly), I was very tired, my legs were swollen, and I had fat in my ears.

First of all I drooled on the toilet, I thought the babies had lost the toilet paper, there was something wrong with them, and I realized that I had been caught by the golden blood of the family. I did not dare to tell my sister, I had no mood for the scriptures, and since I did not know what to use, there is a remedy that is safe to use in case of horror, knowing my history and reflecting on my condition, he offered me a reminder, which in some days eased my problem.
For two weeks after the cup, I struggled with stiffness, and the french goldsmith went out, but I handled the problem home from the court - not nearly as dramatic as the women painted.
And what about my stomach? So who cares about skin patching? I have two miraculous girls, and those little ones just remind me that I'm the luckiest mom in the world. I got rid of the plus hernia within a year, so I was also worried and promised I wouldn't listen to the "pounding hurricane" in time for my next pregnancy. Because it is not a dramatic life situation, there is a solution to everything, and having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world, despite all the symptoms and complaints!