Dad can take leave after the baby!

The role and importance of the father is at least as great in parenting as the mother. The presence of the fathers must be affirmed for all fathers.

The father's significance is the same

The csalбdtбmogatбsok each elйrhetх the fйrfiak szбmбra, the kormбny cйlja with this is that the apбk also minйl inkбbb reported to be able to the csalбd йletйben, they can vбllalni nevelйsйben children rйszt - errхl Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma (Emmi) beszйlt csalбd- йs ifjъsбgьgyйrt felelхs бllamtitkбra the Three Kirabella, the Three Kirabella Movement on Wednesday in Budapest. kerelllet HellуAnyu! in a family friendly friendly, she said that reconciling work and family life is just as much a challenge for a working father as it is for mothers, and that is why we want to acknowledge, support and strengthen my role.
Among the government measures to increase the family role of the father, he mentioned a doubling of the amount of time allowed to leave after children.
She told me that one parent had 2 days after a child, 4 days after two children, 7 days with three or more children, doubling this to do as much as you can, both parents at the same time. The secretary of state said there was a need for "two yes" for the birth and upbringing of a child, both for the couple and the mother.
He stressed that Hungary is a family-friendly country, the government attaches great importance to this approach, the promotion of childhood, and considers NGOs, including Kiraly Three, as important partners in this.
The Secretary of State introduced Apafüzet II, What a Change! címы's latest issue, which Emmi also sponsored.
According to the booklet, the booklet, circulated by the witches, is intended to help the father to withstand the "exciting and critical" period of the child's arrival. It is also important to protect marriages and relationships, and to prevent wishes, with value.
The kiadvбny нrуi - Andrek Andrea йs Lйder Lбszlу pszicholуgus - the sajtуtбjйkoztatуn arrуl beszйltek, in kнvбntak nyъjtani segнtsйget the csalбdoknak to the felismerjйk apбk jelenlйtйnek йrtйkйt child fejlхdйse йs the csalбd egйszsйges mыkцdйse szempontjбbуl, kьlцnцsen the elsх, kulcsfontossбgъnak szбmнtу йvben.
Professionals have called attention to the fact that a father has the same need for a child as a mother, and that the father should establish a direct relationship with the child, not just with the mother.
We also said that toddlers who have a good relationship with their dad will be able to communicate better from the third month and that their mobility will be better.
The booklet movement was launched in 2009 by physician Mária Kopp, with the aim of giving birth to as many children as planned by family-based young people. To this end, a number of concrete proposals have already been made by the NGO to the decision-makers, including many in governmental family policy.
According to estimates, young couples want two to three children, but on average only 1.3 children are born out of relationships.
At the start of the movement in 2013, all factional leaders of the National Assembly issued a joint statement in which politicians pledged to support any family policy measures that could result in birth.
The statement was endorsed by all five parliamentary factions of the faction in May this year on the occasion of the International Family Day at the Academy.