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A good father-girl relationship is essential for self-confidence

The father-child relationship is indispensable for the subsequent health evaluation, according to a number of determinants.

Caroline Payne-Purvis, a researcher at the University of Florida in 2014 researched the sexual life of teenage girls, including risk behavior. The results of the research have made it clear that if an adolescent has a good relationship with his father, he has less risk of dating the wrong partners publishing illustrates.A good father-girl relationship is essential for self-confidence Jennifer Byrd-Craven American psychologist and colleagues were curious as to how this paternal influence works. To do this, hormone changes in young girls were examined. Based on the results, the girls who had a good relationship with their father showed lower levels of stress hormones even after the morning wake. Researchers note that having a good relationship with a father can affect a girl in stressful situations, for example. discussing the problem also keeps them calm in the middle. The stress hormone levels of poor paternal relationships have increased in conflict situations and are more likely to sink into stress.Melissa Home, a psychologist at Georgetown University in 2011, examining the prosperity of adolescent girls, stated that their self-reliance, a subordinate relationship in their relationship, is primarily related to their father. Numerous research confirms that early paternal presence reduces anxiety in adolescents and increases their mood and social skills.
  • Another positive effect came from the good father-girl relationship
  • Fathers also have a vital impact on the lives of children
  • The girl child affects the father's brain just like the son