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Dad, can I play on your iPad? High tech kids

His father, still equipped with cash, went on a bicycle phone call - and he even made a phone call while cycling. Like it or not, your kids are growing up with electronic gadgets.

Use our tips to cleverly use your latest technical wonders.


There should be rules on when and what a child can see. With the help of most modern gadgets and / or broadcasters, you can set which channels and how long you can watch your child. If you want to buy a new TV, check it out and ask about your broadcasting options.
They are already very popular in America, and so-called interactive keyboards are also widespread in our country. Not only can you watch current broadcasts, you can also retrieve previous shows, browse and buy in a huge digital archive.


It is well-known in American films that children can compete in motorsport with a single remote control that can be connected to their parental screens - and then, in a single scene, flesh out their dads who are strictly ordered. Of course, not only can such beige games play on it, but also aggressively packed discs can be purchased. If possible, do not keep it at home, but make sure that your child does not play with it.
A more modern version of the classic game console, the version that follows the moves and gives it a fresh start, can be played not only with the screen curled, but also with active motion.

Smart phone

As long as the child is not traveling freely, he / she really does not need to have a separate phone number. Later, though, smaller and larger adolescents are considered to be the number one entertainment device, as they can do messaging, chatting, internet, photo, music and more.



Kids learn to learn quickly

With and without a larger screen, the so-called tablet (or so-called tablet) is, in some respects, a kid-friendly (but more expensive) device. With its huge touch screen, even the smallest of them play fun drawing and coloring games. The fact that the tablet is one of the most popular electronic toys for the youngest is no better than the availability of a durable plastic case on the Internet, and some manufacturers have made this product especially suitable for small children. Larger ones can be used for games, reading, web browsing, and writing homework.


Today, it is not just a homework assignment that is hand-written, at least in upper secondary school. The computer is a part and useful supplement of the regular school curriculum. Therefore, it is now essential to have at least one computer in the household with a school-age child. In addition to or instead of the traditional desktop computer, there is a growing use of laptops or smaller siblings, the so-called netbooks.
It is important that you filter out any content that is not the currency of your choice by installing different free or thousands of forints software: it is definitely worthwhile to spend time and money on it.

Mp3 lejбtszу

Whether on public transportation, cycling, running, or even in the midst of learning, your teenage child's headphones are the perfect accessory, either in your phone or in your mp3 player. MP3 playback is one of the most popular and least expensive entertainment devices. However, be aware that listening to too much music, and especially at high volume, can cause permanent hearing loss.

Digital Photo Imager

Photo Enlightenment: Surprising and revisiting the world around you is a fascinating adventure for the youngest. You can create and view an unlimited number of images with a digital machine. Although there are photographic machines specifically designed for children, a simpler, compact machine is at least as useful for a child, and you can easily hide it in your box at any time.


The great advantage of the products is that, in contrast to the laptop and tabletop, its screen does not harm the eye at all, and it is perfectly identical to printed paper. However, you can store up to thousands of books on a single device. Although the books available in Hungarian are not too rich, the supply is constantly expanding.