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So let the dads get the baby together

Are your dads in trouble right from conception?

Do you know the idea that a child - whatever the hell - always calls his mom to help? It is only when Father asks the following question: Where is Mom? About the relationship between father and baby, and in a recent article, the author of the Huffington Post believes that they are hurting right from the moment of conception. After all, as soon as the fetus begins to grow, a special relationship with the mother is formed. And dads have the urge to talk to the baby as soon as they are pregnant, but once the baby is born, it is difficult for men to do so. For babies and young children, the mother is everything, because she assures the life of the little one, breastfeeds and feels safe for the child. And after all, dads play a very important role in bringing up children.However, some dads are in a really difficult position, as there are women who can't give up their "lead role" to let go of the controls and put the male in the first place in parenting. The best thing women can do is to step back a bit and leave some space for the dad. Like the cost of leaving the house for a while. For if the mom is not panting in the neck of the child and the daddy, it gives them much more opportunity to play to get to know each other so that the father and the child can develop a rope.Sometimes, The father needs to be encouraged to take steps to bridge the fractures. Just because this doesn't always come by itself doesn't make men a bad father, just human. The author, for example, honestly describes that she considered herself to be a particularly bad mother, and that during her pregnancy she did not feel that she had a close relationship with her newborn son. After birth, however, this turned around, and in fact, they felt their relationship much stronger than he could have ever imagined. He thinks dads can do something like this. And for a child, the most important thing is to feel good and safe - with any parent. And this requires the mother to be a partner as well. How do you know when you need to hit a stroke so your dad and little one can spend some time. To tune in to each other so that they can develop an unparalleled, special relationship that has a positive impact on family life (VIA)