So prepare your body for pregnancy

When considering family based care, you are sure to give the best beginner's shot to your newborn baby. And this is obviously when you are as healthy as you can when you're pregnant. Here are 5 tips to get your body pregnant!

So prepare your body for pregnancy

1. Go to your home doctor!

It's a good idea to visit the home doctor before you start your baby projects. Especially if you have a longer period of health problems, for example. asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes.It is also worth it ellenхriznito ensure that you have all the necessary vaccinations, as some diseases increase the risk of miscarriage and birth defects. Such as varicella, rubella, or hepatitis B infection. If you are worried about sexually transmitted diseases, these should be examined before you become pregnant. You can also discuss with your doctor about conception (in other cases, removal of the vagina, etc.) and how much you expect the hormones to be completely cleared from your body.

2. Take a Pregnant Vitamin!

The healthy eating in addition, special dietary supplements are also required. It is advisable to start the treatment with the folic acid of your choice when you stop taking your baby and continue taking it until the 12th week of pregnancy. 400 micrograms of folic acid a day is the recommended amount, but if you have diabetes, or if you have a baby with an open spine, you may also need a higher dose. because the baby's brain and nervous system. Low levels of folic acid can lead to nerve disruption, which is straight up to the open spine. In addition, special attention should be paid to the intake of calcium and iron.If you wish to take a multivitamin, choose one specifically pregnancy vitamins! Generic multivitamins can contain too much Vitamin A, which can have a fetal effect!

3. Get in shape!

Are you too lean or overweight? Unfortunately, neither of them favors fertility, and both increase the chance of developing complications during pregnancy. BMI indexed 30 or more, try to get rid of some excess weight before you baby. You choose a form of exercise that you enjoy doing in the long run, so you become as fit as possible when grabbing a small one, and taking on the baby is less difficult than the physical challenge. your menstrual cycle is also unpredictable. And if you miss the red days, that means you're probably not ovulating every cycle, and it's going to be very difficult for you to get pregnant. A healthy BMI is somewhere between 19 and 25 - try to target this.

4. Relax and relax!

If you have been dealing with your couple for a while, it is normal for you to talk a little bit about it. We know it's easy to tell you not to, but the fact is that stress and insomnia cause productlessness. That's why it's important that relax as much as you canAlthough stress itself does not cause infertility, it is associated with behaviors that can affect pregnancy failure, such as eating back, eating (or losing), and losing weight. , try discussing your fears / anxieties with a good friend. Listening to relaxed music or meditation can help a lot.

5. Reform Your Way Of Living!

Alcohol and smoking during pregnancy can be harmful for the development of the fetus, it is well known. But have you ever heard that these can have a negative effect on your fertility? ”The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine researched 124 women's fertility indicators. For women who drank alcohol once a week, this rate was 11%, while for those who did not drink at all, 18%. For smokers, this rate is 6%, compared to 17% for non-smokers. The best thing you can do to stop smoking and drink alcohol during the planning period is that they stop growing birth defects. In addition, it will be much easier for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you have baby.Related articles in Pregnancy Pregnancy:
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