Men do not depend on paternal freedom

Fewer than half of the fathers have the childcare leave they have after childbirth - a significant finding has also shown that there is a significant difference between the pay of men and women.

About 90 out of 187 countries provide paternity leave for a few days or weeks after childbirth to help fathers promote gender equality and involve men in childcare, Promundo said. A US-based organization in a nationwide study of nearly 12,000 people found that less than half of men took full paternal leave after their child was born or adopted. An overwhelming majority of Canadian men said that their decisions had their financial concerns.Men do not depend on paternal freedom Another study found that in 15 out of 20 countries, men overwhelmingly thought that diapering, bathing and feeding were women's business. Over 80 percent of men in Egypt, India, Pakistan, Moldova, Nigeria, and Mali claim this view. Promundo is a significant contributor to Brian Heilman he said, such home-based expectations should discourage women from pursuing their career goals.
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  • The EP voted to have at least 10 days of paternity leave
  • There are two days when the father is about two months after the baby is born
  • Dad stays home