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5 marks on the face, indicating a health problem

Our face is a real guide that can show you where there is a problem in our body. Here are 5 such signs that you better take seriously!

5 marks on the face, indicating a health problem

1. Dark circles and bags under the eyes

Often this can be covert, but unfortunately there is not much we can do about it. However, if they have only recently appeared, it is important that you find out the cause. This can include sleep deprivation, smoking, hormonal changes, allergies, excessive alcohol, stone or salty foods.
Of course, in the long run, it is most effective if the causes are reversed, but they can temporarily alleviate the symptoms by cold-sipping (eg, a refrigerated cannula), special eye masks, or a good concealer.

2. Red nose

There are a lot of tiny little prints running around our nose that may come out as blur. Factors such as temperature fluctuations, allergies, emotional stress, or even a cold can cause this. Redness in these cases only lasts until the cause is resolved.However, if our nose is always red, then our health system is worth paying attention to, and not even visit our doctor.

3. Tanned leather, whites

This occurs when too many raw materials are difficult for our liver to select. This is also the case with newborns who come to life before week 38, as their liver is not yet able to function properly. However, in adulthood, fatigue may indicate more serious problems, including alcoholism.

4. The appearance of new moles, liver patches

In most cases there is nothing to worry about, but caution should not hurt. Should we make a few requests about us: the contours of the new moles are uneven, these moles are blotchy or blotchy, larger than a peppercorn, have we changed in the last few weeks? Don't spend too much time in the sun, and always use high-factor sunscreen.

5. Habml skin around lips and nose

There are many reasons for this (eg dry cosmetics), but most often it is caused by a deficiency of certain vitamins. Primarily the deficiency of vitamins A, C, E or B. Symptoms such as general weakness, concentration difficulties, hair loss or blemishes on the skin are often associated with nausea. In this case, you can find out which vitamins are low in your body. And with that in mind, we can change the order.VIA