Asthma: Signs that the practitioner should be changed

The goal of asthma treatment is to eliminate the symptoms of the patient so that the quality of life is not affected by the personalized treatment.

Asthma: Signs that the practitioner should be changedIf you have previously thought that frequent seizures or severe natural disorders are occurring, the American Bureau of Law (CDC) is calling for a sign that you should never delay a medical examination!

What is Asthma Control?

Asthma control, in short, means that it is not disease that determines our life, but that we control it. The patient does not suffer from severe or severe seizures; Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi lung healing, allergologist, according to the Head of the Lung Center, as long as the above is not the case, the treatment should be changed as long as our complaints do not disappear, but many people start again.

Unambiguous symptom

While cough can be attributed to a recent mental illness, ill-health can be attributed to poor physical condition, but according to the CDC, there is a completely objective indication that asthma treatment should be repeated, and this is very common. If you need it several times a week, it indicates that something needs to be changed. According to the CDC, 24.3% of adult patients and 18.7% of children said that the past three months had repeatedly used seizures.

Instead of a rush, change to sustained treatment

Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi said that the condition of a previously well-established asthmatic patient may deteriorate, for example during a more stressful period or after a mental illness, but treatment needs to be resolved when the patient is still in sports. In such cases, the symptoms that may be exacerbated should not be compensated by the use of more frequent seizures, but by the need to modify the maintenance treatment in order to prevent the symptoms from worsening.

On your own judgment, do not miss out on drugs!

According to the survey, 38.4% of children and 50% of adults felt that their asthma was inadequately controlled. This in turn leads to inadequate quality of life for patients: they are more often in need of emergency hospital care, and more are missing out on work and school. According to Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi, this is often due to the fact that when the patient is feeling well, he or she tends to believe that he or she is "healed" and drops or leaves his or her medication, the attending physician could not. However, in order to avoid the severity of the disease, there is a need for sustained treatment, which needs to be altered and resolved before control can be achieved - to eliminate symptoms and prevent seizures.

Félévente-yearn, and if necessary, you also need medical check-ups!

Following this, the basic goal is to maintain the minimum amount of medication required. This means that you should not stop maintaining your treatment even if you are asymptomatic, because the symptoms will reoccur. This may not occur immediately, but often several weeks later, which can create false hopes in patients for continued use of sustained treatment. By default, all patients take at least half of the required examinations every year, which includes an objective evaluation of the inflammatory function of the asthma in addition to objective evaluation of quality of life. Based on the results and the patient's report, it is possible to change the treatment, which may also mean a reduction in medication.Related articles in Asthma:
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