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I'm asthmatic and baby waiting, what do I look for?

Asthma can cause complications during pregnancy if not properly treated.

I'm asthmatic and baby waiting, what do I look for? (photo: iStock)Dr. Potecz Gyцrgyi Lung Surgery, Allergologist, Head Doctor of the Lung Center, outlined what her mother should look for.

Consult your physician as soon as possible

It is advisable to consult with your treating physician before you become pregnant as you may need to change your medication during pregnancy. In the case of pregnancy, topical inhalation steroids and inhaled short-acting beta-agonist supplements are preferred. If these fail to achieve symptomatic relief, regular use of combined inhaled medications may be required.

Are Medicines Safe for Fetal Health?

Inhaled steroid medications, when used in small and medium doses, should not be used as a side effect or in the absence of side effects. has no adverse effects on the fetus. Systemic tablets, injections, and / or asthma should be treated as necessary for the duration of the episode.

You should take the medicines you have taken

Many mothers, because of their side effects, prefer not to take or reduce the amount of medicine prescribed by their doctor. However, due to poorly managed asthma, the fetus may be deprived of the oxygen it needs to develop. As a result, growth and growth retardation, preeclampsia or even premature birth may occur.

The risk of severe asthma is greater

I control who responds to the pregnancy. While the symptoms of some asthmatic mothers improve, others report marked worsening. The risk of this is even higher in a moderate to severe asthma baby and typically occurs at the end of the second trimester.

Regular control is important

In order to reduce fetal oxygen supply and reduce the risk of complications, it is important that you consult your physician at the scheduled time or in the event of complaints. If necessary, medication adjustments may be made during pregnancy to help ensure that the pregnant woman is asymptomatic.

What you should pay attention to

- Asthma can also occur due to respiratory infections, so please consult your physician for advice on vaccinations during the winter period.
- If you get too much stress, your asthma can get worse. In such a case, it is worth taking part in stress reduction sessions.
- Stomach may exacerbate asthma symptoms. Someone may start to become pregnant with such complaints, but as time goes by, the appearance of reflux is a natural condition. If the usual practices - eating small portions more than once, raising the head of your bed - do not help, consult gastroenterologists for treatment during pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy exacerbates asthma symptoms
  • Stress during pregnancy increases the risk of developing asthma
  • Vitamin D taken during pregnancy also helps prevent asthma