Useful information

After the eczema healed

The recurrent symptoms of atopic dermatitis and other eczema severely degrade the quality of life, especially in young children, and therefore, everything should be done to avoid the need for another.

If eczema has gone, there is still something to do

Changing the risk factors of disease to lifestyle changes - to parents' lifestyle changes - but at least there are few precautionary measures to be taken during the asymptomatic period.


The most important function of the skin is to protect the body from the external effects of dirt, dirt, mumps, chemical substances. In order for the skin to function well, it needs to be elastic, and it must be protected from drying out. Namely, when the upper layer of the skin is dry, it becomes dense, easily cracked, and irritant substances are easy to reach. The skin is most easily prevented by hydrating creams. Immediately after bathing or showering, hydrate the skin. It should be noted that children are traditionally bathed, but older children can shower well if they are gradually accustomed to this refreshing cleansing. THE zuhanyzбs more suitable for eczema children, but much more care should be taken here in choosing water temperature and water jet strength.If your baby is very reluctant to take a shower, THE careful selection of baby baths it is also essential, it is worthwhile to rinse the skin. In particular, do not rub the skin with gloves. Shampoo for hair washing, instead of soap, is recommended as a hydrating skin cleanser. Since dry skin air is more sensitive to irritation, it is important to increase the humidity of the dry air in the home.

Avoid allergenic substances

THE ruhбzat choosing is essential. Wool, silk, irritated linen, rigid and linen (polyester, nylon or acrylic) should be avoided. Skin contact clothing labels, coarse-textured or edged fabrics can also remove eczema. You should look for soft, loose-fitting cotton suits. Wool blankets and rugs are not recommended. йtelek can also worsen the condition of eczema children, so they too should be avoided. Children are most likely to be allergic to the following foods: milk, eggs, peanuts, flour, soya, seafood, but acidic foods, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, can cause binge eating. hбzipor-йrzйkenysйg it is also common to use non-recommended floor mats and hard-to-clean upholstery in small rooms prone to eczema.Some fragrances, chemical substances, may cause symptoms by irritation of the respiratory tract. Due to the frequent occurrence of dog, cat, and feathering in eczema, keeping pets should be considered or avoided. increased sweat selection it also hurts eczema skin condition, so the clothes that your child swims in easily and should not be relocated. Exercise is inevitable with sweating, but if possible, a light shower is used to prevent itchy, unpleasant choices.

Maintenance of the form

Even during asymptomatic periods, the skin should be remembered for its increased dehydration. You shouldn't be cautious when planning your vacation, for example, you might not want to spend time with your family when there is a high concentration of some irritating pollen in the air. Sunlight is generally good, but for kids, graduation is very important, excessive sunlight tanned skin can also be irritating to children. Even during periods of symptoms, you should use the usual detergents and creams.