Honest and humorous illustrations of the mother

The Australian artist Paula Kuka is a child herself, so she exactly favors maternity and hardships. Extremely lifelike, authentic, often humorous illustrations illustrate how mothers feel in their everyday lives.

What I Do - What You See Source: Instagram / Paula KukaPaula The art of trash got a lot of momentum when they left home with their second child after birth. Mom had wanted to start her own business in the past, but since she didn't want to put herself under stress with her two children, she thought, start working on his own project. "I just never got to write fresh entries in my baby diary, even though I wanted to keep some important gems in mind. Paula said of her departure.Saturday - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Peninsula Boiling: Instagram / Paula TrashIn the middle of the day, the emphasis shifted. For one of the very first illustrations she shared in the social media was that of the inner struggle that the mother sometimes needs a little free space, lonely, but then she misses her baby so much. For this drawing he received so much positive feedback that he subsequently illustrated it from his own point of view, from the mothers' daily experiences and senses.I need it - I miss their scent Source: Instagram / Paula KukaPaula has humor in the main drawings, but at the same time almost all of his illustrations are thought through. In his own admission, he received the most reaction, for example, in a picture of a lonely mother who is breastfeeding her baby again. "The night when you feel lonely" read the caption of the picture. Then the circle is over and we can see that but there are waking mothers everywhere. The last caption reads: "But you're not alone." According to her own admission, Paula received a lot of mother-in-law and distress messages for this drawing.

The Night When You Make You Lonely - But You're Not Alone Source: Instagram / Paula Trash

Like the Austrian artist himself, he is excited by 90,000 followers before sharing a new creation, as feedback is important. "Social media can be a harsh and scary place, but fortunately, negative comments are avoided. Rather, I find that mothers who have never met need to be encouraged and commented."Kids Activities: Clean, Tidy, Dry - Fun Source: Instagram / Paula KukaPaula's primary goal is to help her parents with her drawings. "One thing I certainly learned from my illustrations is the universality of motherhood. With the same emotional frustrations, mothers all over the world and humorous happy moments are universal. I want the mother to know that they are not alone. I want to put a smile on their faces when they want to cry, I want to help them deal with the pressure and guilt that comes from social, family, or just their own. I want the parents to know that just because they sometimes feel too heavy and tired of everyday life, they still don't like their children" - take it. (Via)