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Another family friendly job application, double the money

The family-friendly approach is intended to strengthen the new appeal issued by the Ministry of Human Resources. The total amount of the application is doubled and the amount of the application is doubled.

framework of the hбzassбg hetйnek kцzцtt held Hбrom Kirбlyfi, Catherine Hбrom Kirбlylбny Movement konferenciбn Novбk, csalбd- йs ifjъsбgьgyйrt felelхs бllamtitkбr said that it csalбdbarбt a job if you do not pusztбn munkavбllalуkйnt manage munkavбllalуt but tartjбk lбtjбk йs respect for Father / Mother mцgцtti csalбdot, children. In practice, this means better compatibility between family and work.
At a conference held at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Katalin Novák highlighted and suggested to employees the possibility of a charity discount, one of the government's family policy measures. The benefit makes the employment of mothers with small children financially attractive.

Family friendly workplace

More and more family-friendly jobs

It is a welcome trend that year after year, the number of family-friendly jobs in our country is increasing. The channel M1 is broadcasting this morning, Katalin Novák said: "There is a great deal of interest in the double amount ($ 50 million) and $ 3 billion ($ 50 million) of the current release, up to March.
According to the Secretary of State, being a "trendy" family-friendly workplace is important now, because someone who is raising children or caring for their elderly parents can go to work without having to keep their problems secret, but talk to them about it, too.
An entrepreneur looking to maximize profit knows, says Katalin Novák, that a good workforce who is happy to go in to work is enthusiastic about their job and not frustrated with how to reconcile their family and work life. And here you are, not only for mother but also for father, ”he added.
Of course, a business kindergarten, a family day out, a summer outing is a hell of a hell of a job, but only larger companies can afford it, but flexible working hours can be rewarded if a parent goes to school soon, you can continue to work at home in the evening.
Part-time employment can help a lot, but a mother who is at home with her tiny child can have a stimulating and lively relationship with the workplace, the Secretary of State emphasized. All these measures can shake up childhood, one of the biggest obstacles today is that women feel they have to choose between work and family - emphasized the expert.