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Autogenous trolling for lighter birth

Autogen training is an easy-to-learn technique that can support your need for labor and birth.

One baby with one baby at birth New family they are also born with new equilibria, new roles. The method and manner of giving birth determines our entire life, since the first birth of a baby is the birth itself. To raise a happier new generation, the first step szьletйsьket we need to be calmer, greener, happier.
Through our eight suitable trainings, the mother and her assistant can learn about the processes that take place in the field of pregnancy and physiology. We provide the knowledge that underpins successful breastfeeding, and we share with nursing mothers and assistants that are applied in the nursing home szьlйst lighter, faster.
Autogenous trening is an effective relaxation technique that involves bodily - mental relaxation It can be achieved by learning how to relax our muscles. As a result, self-regulating mechanisms are triggered in the body, resulting in a number of positive bodily and psychological changes. We are able to turn our attention inward, to tune in to the baby, their signs.
In a more relaxed state of mind it is easier to cope with everyday stress situations, to process parenting concerns, stress hormones with lower levels, babies will feel more secure in their womb.
Autogenous training supports the natural processes of childbirth, utilizing the pain-relieving effects of our own body. And during the post-natal period, it makes resting more effective and helps to reduce the tensions of motherhood.
In the course of the training, we agreed on a series of jobs for the birth where mothers not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also practical help that not only benefits the parents, but also the parents. during childhood You can also enjoy it during your toddler years.

The group leaders

Dallos Бgnes: psychologist, educator in autogeneity, baby carrier. mother of three toddlers.
Réka Lepesi-Benkх: genetic, biology teacher, della, baby carrier advisory, international lactation advisory stages (International IBLCE exam expected in 2014), mother of two toddlers