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Ayres Therapy: Who Do You Recommend and How It Works?

The essence of Ayres therapy is that it helps the nervous system to move with movement and develops with movement. It requires a special set of tools, the movement player and indirect. Therapy can begin at a very young age.

Ayres-terбpiaSensory integration therapy was developed by Anna Jean Ayres. Ayres Therapy is designed to help you improve your movement, rhythm, and control. In addition to large movements, it also improves fine motor, eye-to-hand coordination, volume and direction perception, and body movement. It teaches attention, self-confidence, social behavior.

Who Is Ayres Therapy Helping?

Ayres Therapy helps with a variety of problems:
  • in an overactive or overly passive child
  • with speech problems
  • koraszьlцtteknek
  • attention and learning in children with difficulties
  • for people who need to develop fine motor skills
  • unsuccessful children in their social relationships.
In addition, we also recommend babies who are having trouble sleeping, restless, or have difficulty moving. they are moved, they are immaculate, they are disordered. Ayres therapy it also improves coordination, balance, attention and concentration.
It uses a wide variety of tools such as swings, slides, rings, ropes, dumbbells. Improves the connection between the minds can be applied from one year of age.The essence of Ayres therapy is that our body is exposed to constant stimuli, which are given a motoric, agile response. Multiple stimuli affect the body at once, and rearranging them is often a difficult task. Difficulties may arise in the organization and function of these sensors. The Sensors are rearranged, that is, sensory integration the disorder is caused by the irritability of the nervous system. THE sensory integration therapy it develops primarily through tactile and balance stimulation. The room is arranged by the therapist so that the child can choose which device to use, each developer is in control. The therapist is a partner, helping the child, and their relationship is based on trust. The therapy uses the child's intrinsic motivation. It is a movement that requires the whole body.Related articles in Ayres Therapy:
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