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How do you care for the scarring scars at home?

You're sure to think if you're trying out the most painless, uprising, exercise movements possible when the scar is as light as possible. But you also have to take care of it: it can be bound, disinfected and so on.

How do you care for the scarring scar at home?

On your way home from the hospital, you suddenly find yourself with your baby, your wound, your knuckles, and how to deal with it. We are offering you some help now!

Face the task!

You should know that in advance the stomach wound will heal for about six weeksand keep it clean, clean it daily with water, and then dry it. Okay, if you still wear pregnant panties, or you use the panty luggage kit at home, because they will not squeeze the wound, their high waist is for your comfort. Violin healing and your health for the sake of wound healing avoid bending, turning, stretching, twitchingand do not lift things that are heavier than the baby in the first few weeks.

Don't get into the bath right now!

During the infant period, you should also use the bulldozer for your wounds, instead a quick shower always take it (kidding you for so long you won't be able to allow it) so you can minimize the risk of infection.

Soft bandage on the tummy!

The period of primary wound healing in the first two weeks is a kцtйscsere requires some attention. Hopefully the house will be released with a fresh binding, but you will need to change it regularly as well. If you do not have twice at your birth, write down what and how much you need to get from the pharmacy and have a wound-free infant on hand. Carefully water the water, even with a household paper cleaner, but never drizzle! Next, clean the gauze area with a wound dresser such as a sterile, cleaned cotton swab, let it dry a bit, and come up with a fresh dressing.

After the stitching

The incision was here and there after sewing vбladйkozhatso don't be afraid while you're experiencing this, it's worth sticking to the affected area. You will not do any harm if you use disinfectant until the wound is completely closed. From here, you can help with scarring, swelling, drooping, and reducing bumps with special creams, patches, and oils, as well as any kinesiotape that can be professionally installed. If you can, massage the stinging scar too, this video is a great help.


Exercise daily breathing exercises that can help increase the circulation of your tummy, thereby speeding up wound / scarring! If you have heat, redness, or visible changes in the size of your scar, even with purulent blemishes, a sign that your wound is not healing properly, see your doctor or obstetrician immediately!
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