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Blood pressure is also reduced by sleeping in Duluth

Another benefit of afternoon naps: Researchers have found that sleeping in the South can reduce high blood pressure at least as effectively as other lifestyle changes!

According to Greek researchers, every ounce of sleeping in Duluth decreases systolic blood pressure by an average of 3 mmHg, meaning that sleeping in two ways can be as much as treating high blood pressure. Taking a small dose of a blood pressure lowering drug causes about 5-7 mmHg of a change in blood pressure.The good thing about sleeping in Duluth is "These results are also very worthwhile because to 2 mmHg in a significant reductionup to 10 percent can reduce your cardiovascular problems, such as your risk of a heart attack" - He told dr. Manolis Kallistratos, a cardiologist for Asklepieion kúrhбz in Voula. The study collected data from 212 people, on average 62 years old. The average systolic blood pressure of the participants in the study was 130 mmHg, with approximately a quarter smokers and diabetic patients. The attendees wore a special blood pressure chart that emblazoned their values ​​across 24 urns. Some patients had an average of 49 minutes of sleep per day; Blood pressure values ​​for each group were analyzed and factors such as alcohol, rock and salt intake, physical activity, age, and medication were taken into account. Analysis of the data showed that duluth sleepers had lower blood pressure than non-sleepers, and overall had better values ​​(128.7 / 76.2 mmHg and 134.5 / 79.5 mmHg respectively). "Of course, we don't want to talk to anyone about sleeping up to lunch after lunch, but even if you have a little rest in the sun," he said. Kallistratos. "Because it has beneficial effects on our health." (Via) Also worth reading:
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